How many times do you get home from a run and someone asks you how it went and you  simply say – it was good. Maybe this is just a me thing, but my husband does this as well.

During my run the other day I got to thinking about it.

I thought about how I was feeling at that moment during the run. I felt tired, my legs hurt, I was sucking air (it was a workout) and at that moment I was cursing everything to do with running.

Yet, when I got finished my husband asked me “how’d your workout go?”

Wanna guess what I said? Yep, it went good!

I stopped myself after that. Why was I telling someone my workout went good when in fact it was the hardest thing I had done? I was cursing running not even 15 minutes earlier.


It comes down to the reason why I run. I love it. Even on those awful hard days when I am cursing out loud the entire time, the moment I stop the runner’s high sets in and I reminded again why I love it.

I love that running is hard. I love that it challenges me both mentally and physically. I also love those days where I have no workout and can just go get lost.

Do Something Every Day that Challenges you

Running isn’t easy. I think that is a common misconception people have about those who love to run.  I don’t love to run because I’m just good at it, I think I have established well that I am not naturally good at running. I don’t run because it is easy I run because it challenges me.

Some days it is work to get out there and do a workout or run. Sometimes it is the last thing I want to do. However, even on the days when I don’t want to do it it always leaves me feeling amazing. I have never regretted a run.


The common misconception of running is that it is easy for some. It’s not. Even those who are naturally gifted (like my husband), it still takes an incredible amount of work and there are going to be hard days. The feeling and the accomplishment that comes from running is something that can’t be replaced for me.

Challenge Yourself

Just like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not saying running is for everyone but I do believe everyone should find that one thing that challenges them to be better. That pushes you to that next level and gives you the confidence to keep doing it every day. Even when you aren’t that good at it.

We all fear the unknown. I still do, but if we sit back and never try we will never know what those things can bring us.


I guess the point of this post (besides rambling my thoughts) is to encourage you to challenge yourself. Do something every day that challenges you. Running no matter how hard it is, or how bad of a day I have, will always be a good run because I am blessed to be able to run and challenge myself daily!


What is something that challenges you?

What are you doing this Saturday?.

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