Yesterday morning I got up after a very wonderful but quick Saturday evening. I worked until 7:00 pm and by the time we ate dinner and got home I felt like my entire Saturday had flown by.

I completed my last workout for the week Sunday morning. The workout called for:

Warm up
20 minutes hard effort
Cool down

Sounds simple right?


I knew a straightaway not far from our house that was long enough to complete the 20 minutes. I headed out to park the car along the route.

Warm Up

I started with a slow 1 mile warm up. The training plan doesn’t specifically tell me how long of a warm up to do so I just went until I felt like my legs had loosened up.


After I finished the warm up I knew that if I stood there long enough it would be hard to get started, so I just took off.  I knew approximately what my pace would be, but the goal was to go off of effort.

Workout 20 Minutes

The final product: 2.6 miles in 20 minutes at an average of a 7:44 min/pace. Not too shabby.


After I finished the workout I realized just how far away I was from the car. I should have parked more in the middle of the course. I ended up jogging about 2 miles back to the car with a couple stops thrown in there.

Cool Down

Though the workout seemed simple in the beginning it definitely was tough! If you are ever looking for a quick and simple speed workout I highly recommend it.

When I first left the house it looked like the rain was going to continue throughout the day. We have had rain for the past 3-4 days.

Sun Came Out

However, by the end of the run the clouds had cleared and the sun was shining! A great end to the workout.

I had promised Wes I would pick him up after his run and had some time to kill so I stretched for about 15 minutes before heading out.


It was so nice to just stand out in the sunshine after the longest winter ever. Still not quite warm enough for short sleeves, but I will take sun any day!


For as long as I can remember Sundays have been my easy run day.  It was definitely a change of pace this morning to get up and do a workout.

I have always struggled with Sundays. When I was working full time I always got the “Sunday blues”. I still find myself getting into funks when Sunday comes around and I am really not sure why. The important thing is that I realize that I get this way.

As soon as I got up this morning and did my morning chores I got dressed and ready to go run. The longer I sit around the more susceptible I am to having the poor attitude creep in.


Today’s Motivational Monday focus is simple and to the point:

Attitude and Direction

Your attitude determines your day. You are the only one who controls the direction of your day.

Attitude to Create Beauty

You can’t control what happens to you, the only thing you can control is what you do in the process.

My challenge this week to myself is to focus on my attitude. Not on how other people act, treat me or what obstacles are thrown in my way. My goal is to simply be aware of my attitude and create the beauty in each day.


What is a goal you have this week?

How was your weekend?

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