About a month ago YOGASMOGA sent me two items to try out and see what I thought. Like I have said in the past, I love yoga but don’t do it near enough.

I wanted to make sure the gear could be worn running. That was the most important aspect to me.


YOGASMOGA prides themselves on their color technology:

  • Eco-Friendly Dyeing
  • Carbon 6 – An intense black that absorbs the highest pigment of light.
  • Cotton Dye – All dyeing is done in the United States.
  • Colors That Won’t Bleed


The first product I tried out was the Twistie Tank. In fact, I actually just wore this yesterday when I did my very first workout since starting back (more to come on that later!)

Yogasmoga Twistie Tank

Please ignore my cat in the background. He refused to move. 


A few facts about the Twistie Tank:

  • Built in bra for reinforcement
  • Waist hugging design
  • Designed to stay put on your hips


The top is snug. When I was sent the items they asked me my measurements to make sure that it fit exactly to my body. I probably would have chosen the wrong sizes had I not taken the measurements so this really helped.

If you have followed this blog for a while you know that typically I prefer my tops pretty loose when I an running. I don’t know why this is just always what I have always gravitated towards.


I was a little skeptical when trying out the tank for just that reason. Verdict? It did great! Aside from yesterday’s workout I also wore it last week during an easy run. I don’t have to worry about having to pull it down or adjust while running and it felt great!

They really are telling the truth when they say it is designed to stay in place.


The second item I tried was the Run Jump n’ Play Crop.

YogaSmoga Capris

As I’ve mentioned before I wear yoga pants just about everywhere I go.  I decided I’d opt for a colorful pair since I tend to play it safe and choose black or grey for most all the ones I own.

These pants fit incredibly well. They are VERY tight so if you like pants that are a little bit looser you may want to try going up a size from what they recommend.

YogaSmoga Carpis

I do enjoy running in capris, however these are more strength training/yoga capris rather than for running.

They come in 12 different color combinations so you may have a hard time settling on a color.


Another great thing about YOGASMOGA is that you can earn “Smogi Bucks” with every purchase.  As you accumulate the bucks they can be transferred to be used as a discount off your next purchase.

Each item tells you how many Smogi Bucks you can earn with your next purchase.



YOGASMOGA makes very high quality and practical clothing for all types of athletics.  While they may not have as many options on their site as some companies, they really have perfected the items they offer for complete satisfaction!

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