I recently had the opportunity try out Vegan Cuts.  While I am not personally Vegan, I knew the box would be full of new, all natural and healthy items!


What is Vegan Cuts?

Vegan Cuts Review

Vegan Cuts is much more than just a snack box. In fact that offer two different vegan boxes:

  • Snack Box
  • Beauty Box

The boxes come to you on a monthly basis and contain a selection of 7-10 vegan snacks or 4-7 organic and natural beauty products.


What came in the box?

Vegan Cuts Box Contents

Here are the products that came in the Vegan Cuts box I received:

R.W. Garcia Salt & Vinegar Tortatos

A low-fat snack that crunch like tortilla chips but taste like potato chips.



Ocho Coconut Bar

An all natural organic candy bar.

Ocho Coconut Bar


Explore Asian Soybean Noodle Soup

An instant soybean noodle soup that are both gluten free and high in protein.

Soybean Noodle Soup


Ernest Eats Chewy Granola Bar

All natural chew granola bar packed with wholesome flavors and pomegranate.

Ernest Bar


Deeply Rooted Super Food

Blueberry-flavored drink that is full of nutrients from fruits, vegetables, algae and kale.



Garden of Life Raw Protein

A vanilla chai protein featuring 13 raw, certified organic sprouts.

Raw Protein


Oogave Loco Soda – Natural Diet Ginger Ale

All natural organic soda that is made with organic ingredients.

Oogave Soda


Vigilant Eats Organic SuperFood Oat-Based Cereal

Oat-based superfood cereal. It contains maca, mulberries, vanilla, cacao nibs and espresso!

SuperFood Cereal


What did I think of the products?

I thought all of the products were obviously health, all natural and organic.

My favorites:

  • Ocho Organic Coconut Bar
  • Vigilant East Superfood Cereal
  • R.W. Garcia Tortatos
  • Earnest Eats Chewy Granola Bar

My least favorite:

  • Oogave Soda
  • Garden of Life Chai Protein Powder


The other products were just OK. I didn’t hate them but I wouldn’t go out and purchase them myself.


How much does it cost?

Vegan Cuts is $19.95 per month whether you order the snack or beauty box.



Vegan Cuts is a really great box of all natural snacks.  It gives you the option of trying out healthy products without going out and buying a larger amount.  It definitely helped me pick some that I would buy again and others that I can do without.

These are also products I probably wouldn’t find on my own. There are so many companies out there sometimes it is hard to hear about all of them.  The Vegan Cuts box allows you to try many you have never heard of before!


You can learn more about Vegan Cuts here. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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