Monday and Wednesday are always my “workout” days.  I am not really sure how this came to be, but it just stuck.

I started back doing workouts last week and continued the tradition this week.


Yesterday I did something different.  I decided it was time to jump back into tempo runs.  I have done a few tempo runs in the past, but just got to the point where I feel my body is ready.

Tempo runs can be hard, but they are also really rewarding.

Here was a break down of the workout I did:

Tempo Workout

The first mile was very slow and easy. Once I hit the beginning of my tempo workout my focus was on staying relaxed.

I ran 3 miles at an 8:27 min/pace.  I am not quite sure where I stand in terms of speed so I edged on the side of caution when I began the workout.  After my workouts last week I knew that I could manage a 8:30ish pace for 3 miles.


I can’t tell you how important having confidence in yourself is. If you go into a tempo workout thinking it’s going to be impossible, it will be! Have confidence in yourself – it will pay off!

I was relaxed the entire three miles and my body felt strong, really strong.  The pace felt quick but very manageable, just where I want to be at this point.

Tempo Workout

After I completed the three miles I did a 1/4 mile cool down and then threw in 2 400’s to finish out the workout.  I did the first at an 8:00 min/pace and then second at a 7:41 min/pace.  Then ended with a half mile cool down.

This workout boosted my confidence and was a great start to the week! I’m happy that my body has held on to a TINY bit of speed.  It’s still a long way to go but my confidence is starting to come back.


I finished out the workout with a post-run snack.

Post Run Snack

Bob’s Red Mill 8 Grain Cereal, Udi’s cranberry granola and some glutamine mixed in.

Mixed Up Snack

All mixed up doesn’t look too appealing does it? I added some cinnamon to taste. I’m trying to focus on eating whole foods post-workout instead of protein shakes. I usually end up taking a protein shake post-workout and then eating lunch. I think my body responds much better to whole foods as a post-workout snack and then following up with lunch an hour or so later.


In other news, this little lady turned 3 years old yesterday.

Happy Birthday Zoe

We celebrated with some fetch time outside! She was in heaven. Happy Birthday Zoe!


Do you incorporate tempo runs into your training?

Tell me something fun you are looking forward to this week!

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