The count down to Boston for Wes is finally on! He did his last “long” run yesterday and now will begin his taper. He has always only done a 1 week taper, and since he needed a little extra time for this one due to his injury he will start tomorrow.

Not sure what my workouts/runs will look like this week with traveling all weekend, still need to sit down and plan all of that out.


Before I get into anything else here were my workouts this week:

Monday (4/7)

Running: 6 miles (tempo run, 2 x 400, cool down)


Tuesday (4/8)

Running: 5 miles (easy on the treadmill)


Wednesday (4/9)

Running: 6.5 miles (4.0 miles speed work, 2 miles hills, 0.5 mile cool down)


Thursday (4/10)

Running: 5 miles (easy)

Friday (4/11)

Rest Day


Saturday (4/12)


Rest Day. My husband did come by where I was babysitting for the day and we went for a short walk. He only lasted about 15 minutes, but it was nice to enjoy the weather!


Sunday (4/13)

“Long” run. My plan right now is to get 7-8 miles in.



  • Overall my body felt really strong this week. Both workouts went really well!
  • I slacked on my strength training bit this week. Need to focus on that again in the week ahead.
  • Mileage stayed around the same if not slightly less than last week.
  • I took 2 rest days this week, but I felt like my body really benefited from it.


It’s Sunday and since I skipped my weekly sharing of articles/blogs posts last week, I figured it was time to bring it back again.

1. FDA Recommenda Cologuard -Tech Times


The FDA just voted to recommend the approval of a less-invasive stool based DNA test for colon cancer. Early findings are showing that Colorguard is a more effective in finding early stage colon cancer than other current non-invasive testing methods.  The study which had just over 12,200 people was found to be 92.3% effective.


2. Why Almost Everything You’ve Been Told About Healthy Foods is Wrong – The Observer

Healthy Eating

A really interesting article on recent findings that showed that the consumption of saturated fats is not linked directly to coronary disease. Something that many of us for years have heard was true.

I for one feel that each week something new comes out about what we “should” and “shouldn’t” eat. My philosophy is eat what you want in moderation, and try to eat as healthy as you can. Be mindful of what you eat but don’t let it control your life, before you know it what we think is healthy now will be “unhealthy.”


3. Closing Comments (but Opening Up More Conversations) – Katy Widrick

An interesting post about why Katy is choosing to close the comments on her blog.  She makes some really good points. While I do not see myself turning off comments any time soon, it was a very though provoking post!


4. 10 Reasons to Stand for Your Health – Megan Lyons

Dangers of Sitting

I’ve been a reader of Megan’s blog for quite some time. She recently left her corporate job to pursue her dreams and I am so proud of her! I loved this post she wrote this week on the benefits of standing.  As someone who does a lot of work from home myself I think this is a great reminder and I would love to fix up a standing desk in our new home when we move!


5. The 10 Reasons You Hate Running – PopSugar

10 Reasons You Hate Running

Love this post I saw earlier this week. It goes back to what I’ve talked about before, don’t forget why you love to run. It discusses common mistakes you could be making to make your run harder and less enjoyable.  Run for you.


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Stay tuned for some other great stuff coming later this week for you!


Tell me sometime awesome about your weekend.

Any interesting articles you have read lately?

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