Happy Monday.

I’m a little bummed because after two beautiful days here they are now calling for snow tomorrow. Oh winter why won’t you just go away?!


I did get in a pretty great 8 mile run yesterday.

8 Mile Run

I slept a little later than I had planned so I pretty much rolled out of bed and hit the road. It felt so nice to be able to run in a tank top and shorts again. I do not miss putting 8 layers on to go outside.

I am excited to see my final winter in Erie, Pennsylvania coming to an end. I will not miss them.


Since it’s Monday it’s time for a little motivation to kick the week off on the right foot.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what holds us back. Who holds us back. I think the answer 9 times out of 10 is ourselves. We all have a lot of goals in life. We want to change the way we run, workout, lose weight, eat better and do something we love.

There are so many areas of our life we often talk about making changes, but half the time nothing ends up happening.

You Can

I’ve been talking over the past few weeks about making a few changes in terms of my diet but each week starts and I stick to the same foods I’ve been eating. It’s easy, it’s convenient and at the end of the day my results are the same.

I’ve been researching a lot on proper fueling for runners and even emailed a few others who I look up too and to try to learn more. It’s not that my food choices have been bad, but I know I can make better choices that will in return make me a better runner.


The real point of it is  I have to set my mind to it and do it. The more we think about things the less likely they are to happen. I didn’t really believe that until recently.


Nothing is Impossible

The same goes with running.  My goal is such a long way off but one day after years and years of laughing at myself at even the thought of trying to quality for Boston I woke up and said I’m going to do it. I don’t care how long it takes me or how far I have to go, I will do this one day.

I started training and even though there have been a few bumps in the road I am still working towards that dream every day.

Power to Change Yourself

The more you think about things, talk about things, the more you are able to start the negative self talk and self doubt. This does nothing but bring us down and defeat us before we have even begun.

My message for this Monday: set your mind to your goals and JUST do it. Don’t think about it, don’t think of the reasons you can’t, just focus on taking one step at a time and start working towards what you want.

We are all capable of way more than we think. Stop talking about your dreams, wants, needs and go out there and make them happen! Start today. Seriously – do it!


What is a dream you’ve always had?

Do you ever find that you talk yourself out of things? Hopefully I am not the only one!

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