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Has anyone used the app Time Hop? I just downloaded it not along ago after seeing someone post it on Facebook. I happened to check it last night and saw this.

Boston 4 Years Ago

I almost started crying. Yes, I’m sappy like that.  The very first time Wes ran Boston. We took a train from North Carolina and had a blast! I remember the absolute feeling of joy riding back together after just getting engaged.


Today I thought I’d do another installment of Five Things I’m Loving Friday. Here are a few awesome products I’m really loving lately and a great deal for you all!

G2G Protein Bars

These bars. Good 2 Go Protein Bars – I really can’t say enough about them.  They are so delicious – every flavor, and it has been a long time since I have found a bar I can say that about!

They are my husband’s hands down favorite bar we have tried in a long time.

G2G Bars in Package

The best part of these bars are the ingredients.

G2G Ingredients

As you can see above each bar has 18 g of protein, 4 g of fiber, are organic, gluten free, low sodium, no trans fats, no preservatives, naturally flavored and contain omega 3’s.

G2G Bars

They last quite a while, but I have found that the best way to store them is in the refrigerator. This helps them to keep their consistency the best until you eat them!


P28 High Protein Spread

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that a few weeks ago P28 sent me an awesome care package in the mail.

P28 Care Package

In the package were:

I was blown away by all of the products.  Our favorites were for sure the high protein spreads.

P28 High Protein Spreads


Here is a look at the nutritional fats:

P38 Peanut Butter P28 Signature Blend

















These were both delicious and on top of the awesome protein that is in peanut butter naturally, these also contain whey protein.

They are great for putting on top of toast, or just taking a spoon full every now and then. Oh, and so delicious!

P28 Blend

Live Well 360 Gym Bag

This Live Well 360 Gym Bag is one of my favorites right now.

It has great pockets and it has been perfect for not only carrying my gym clothes with me but also is great for taking along my computer and other essentials since I do a lot of work on the run.

Live 360 Bag

The greatest part about this bag is the fact that it has a separate compartment for a yoga matt. Since I am not an avid yogi I thought this compartment was perfect for my hair straightener and hair brushes.

Live 360 Pouch

I stick them in there and even when it is warm it keeps it away from my planner and computer. It fits perfectly and allows so much more room in my bag!

Another great attribute about the bag is the wording on the lining.

Live 360 Active Words

The way I see it you can never have too much motivation throughout the day! Every time you open your bag you see great words of encouragement!


Hylands for Runners

We have actually used Hylands for quite some time.

I love finding new and homeopathic options to treat different aches and pains before taking any medication.  One of the things we have used most often is Arnica Gel.


This muscle rub with Arnica is a product both Wes and myself have been using for years.  It helps with bruising, stiffness, swelling and just everyday muscle soreness.

I rarely take NSAIDS for generic pain. This rub has always done wonders on pretty much any ache or pain that is running related.

Muscle Therapy

They don’t call it “muscle therapy” for nothing!


Nufabrx Pillow Cases

This is a fun new product I was just introduced to.


Nufabrx is a pillow case line that is made to help prevent acne.

Their pillow cases are made out of bamboo fibers instead of the generic cotton you usually see. On top of being made out of bamboo fiber the pillow cases are also infused with natural skin remedies.

Nufabrx Oils

The active ingredients are: lavender, lemon balm, wintergreen oil and tea tree oil. All of these natural oils are supposed to help work as natural skin remedies.

Bonus: the pillow case smells amazing!



Exclusive RunnerBox Discount Code

Also, you may remember a few weeks ago I did a review of RunnerBox.  I am excited to announce an awesome deal for my readers! Use the code: RunWithSara and receive 10% off for the life of your subscription!

RunnerBox Discount Code

You really won’t regret trying out this box! A great running companion.

Make sure to check back tomorrow. I have a really fun giveaway for you all!


What are some of your favorite products you are loving?

Any fun plans for the weekend?

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