Friday night I came across this quote and posted it on Instagram.

Do it

I don’t know why but as I was sitting there (babysitting) it really resinated with me.

When we set out towards a new goal, no matter what it is, most likely it is something we have never done before. Something that we are trying to reach for.

I’ve trained in the past for a BQ and did it the wrong way. Well to be truthful I was training for it but didn’t really have a set plan to execute. I just did whatever I felt like and guess what – it didn’t work.


I’ve been thinking a lot about how easy it is to set goals. However, the real dedication comes to actually putting the necessary steps in place to get there.

I could go out and run my 10k plan and probably be fine, however, I know it won’t get me to where I want to be. I want to get to somewhere I have never been before. That is going to require me to do many things that I’ve never done before.

It is so simple, yet something I think I for one forget about a lot.


Yesterday I went out for an 8 mile run.

8 Miles

I finished the 8 mile run, but knew that it wasn’t over.  I sat down and stretched for 15 minutes and then followed it up with about 10-15 minutes of core and hip work. It’s these simple things that have to be done to get me to where I really want to be.

I can’t sit back, do the same things and expect a different outcome. It doesn’t work that way. I have to dedicate everything to this goal and do the things that I have never done before.


Having a goal is one thing but executing that goal is the real challenge.  Sure, there is a chance that I still may not reach the goal but if that happens I will know that I did everything in my power to go after it.

This isn’t a long drawn out post – it’s short, sweet and to the point. If you want something you’ve never had before it is going to require you to do something or many things that you’ve never done before. It will be hard, challenging and frustrating at times but in the end it will be worth it.


This doesn’t have to just be with running or fitness. It can be in your life. It could be in your career, marriage, family etc. It doesn’t matter what changes or goals you want to set, the idea stays the same.

Get out there and do something you’ve never done before!


What is one goal you’ve set or change you’re looking to make?

Any fun things planned this week? .

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