This isn’t going to be a long or really in depth post, it is just a simple reminder.

One year ago today Wes and I were at the Boston Marathon. He has finished running a couple hours before the bombings. In fact at the time it all happened we were on our way out of the city. We had to get back to work the next day so didn’t have time to wait around.

Boston 1

I remember hearing it. I remember the confusion. I remember the calls coming through.

We were blessed to be out of it but so many weren’t.  It took us hours up hours to get in touch with our friends down there. We had no idea what was going on.

Boston 2

On the 1 year anniversary of the bombings, I don’t want to focus on what happened. I want us to focus on how precious life can be. That every single day is a gift. It can change in an instant.

This weekend Boston will run again.  They will get up and run strong for those who were affected by the terrible events of last year. They will rise up and come together. That is the beauty of this world.


What were you doing on this day last year?

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