I am currently in the car driving back from our fun filled weekend at the Boston Marathon. Β I will have a full recap coming soon but since I chose to spend last night relaxing and enjoying the evening celebrating with my husband, here are some of the experiences of the day in pictures.

Wes Pre Race
Pre Race

People and Finish

Boston Marathon4

Handpush 1st

HandPush 2nd and 3rd

Womens Winner




Wes finishing

Wes After

Thank you all for the well wishes and support for Wes. We are looking forward to refocusing and reworking training in several ways during the off season. I’m sure we will have some strategy sessions on the trip home.

I will be back with a full recap very soon as well as some thoughts from Wes! We had a blast and it was so nice to get away and enjoy this time together!


Did you watch the Boston Marathon?Β WOO HOO Meb!! That was so awesome to watch!

What did your workouts look like this weekend?.

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