This week on the Bloggers on the Run feature I am excited to introduce you to Denise from Healthy Disney Family!


Name: Denise Laird


When did you first start blogging and why?

I started my blog Healthy Disney Family earlier this year. I started it to talk about running, healthy living, shopping deals, and share healthier recipes.


What is your most helpful blogging tip?

Be authentic and honest with your audience. It will truly help you connect with people. At first I wanted to write about only what I’m doing now. I’m in the best shape of my life, training for a series of half marathons, and feeling really good. After a lot of thought, I decided to share my before/after weight loss pics. I’m not proud or excited to look at myself 110 pounds heavier, but it was part of my journey. I worked my butt off to lose the weight and if it helps someone else realize they can do it too, it’s worth it!


What is your favorite fitness activity?

Running! I love getting out there to de-stress and have that feel good rush of endorphins afterward.


What motivates you?


My family really motivates me to do better everywhere in life. I want to be a good example for my son to never give up, even when things feel impossible.


What has fitness changed about your life?

Fitness changed everything! Before I lost the baby weight, I often felt tired and worn out. I have so much more energy now than I used to. It also provides a great outlet for the stresses of daily life. I worry less and enjoy life more.


What is your favorite pump up song?

All My Life by Foo Fighters. It’s been on my playlist forever and always works when I need a boost!


What is your favorite running distance?

13.1. It requires training and discipline yet recovery time is reasonably quick.


What is your favorite motivational quote/mantra?

“If you can dream it, you can do it!” Walt Disney


What is your favorite piece of running/fitness gear?

My Mizuno Wave Inspire 9’s. I overpronate and I need some added stability in my shoes to correct my gait. They are lightweight and comfortable to run in.


What is your favorite “treat”?

A scoop of ice cream. One of my favorites is Coffee and Bourbon flavor from Salt and Straw, a popular local place here in Portland.


What is a long term running or fitness goal you have for yourself?

I really would like to run the 48.6 mile Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World next year.


Tell us something unique about yourself.

I did a study abroad program in the Netherlands for my last 4 months of college. It was an amazing experience to live in a foreign country and learn about Dutch culture by being immersed in it. I’m still a huge fan of anything related to the Netherlands and look forward to going back someday.


If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is starting out running, what would it be?

Be consistent and stick with it, especially when it’s hard! It’s getting through those hard runs that build your endurance and confidence.


How do you find/make time to train?

Over the years, I’ve had to change up my schedule a lot to make time to train. When I started out, I had to go to the gym at 5 am because that was the only time I could make it work. Now I try to run while my son is at school or in the evening when we can go to the gym as a family.


What’s an accomplishment you are most proud of?


Maintaining my 100+ pound weight loss through healthy eating and fitness.


Go ahead and head over to Denise’s blog and check it out! You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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