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I haven’t had a week like this in a long time. To be honest, maybe it’s a good thing I took a step back. It probably is. Maybe I will call it “listening to my body” but in reality it is probably just more like “I got busy and got lazy.”

I knew the first part of this week would be different for running due to the marathon and traveling. However, I didn’t expect the rest of the week to follow suit.


Here is my weekly recap:

Monday (4/21)

Lots and lots of walking at the marathon. There was even a little bit of running trying to get to my husband after the race.


Tuesday (4/22)

Running: 3.2 miles (shakeout run with Wes)


Wednesday (4/23)



Thursday (4/24)

Running: 5 miles

5 Miles

Strength: 20 minutes


Friday (4/25)



Saturday (4/26)



Sunday (4/27)

Running: 8 miles (that’s the goal anyways)


It wasn’t the worst week I’ve ever had but it wasn’t a good week either.  I had every intention of getting up before going into work at 5:30 am both Friday and Saturday but I chose sleep instead.


The good news?

1. I have the entire day off tomorrow so a run is GOING to happen!


2. I found my 10k training plan for this next phase of speed training and it starts on Monday.

Runner's World

I ended up choosing a 10k training plan on Runner’s World.  It seemed to fit with my schedule and be manageable for my fitness level. Another great thing about it is that it is customizable based on how many miles you want to run a week.

The program itself is an 8 week program but I am repeating the first few weeks to allow my body a chance to get into it and to try to stick to my original 12 week 10k speed plan.

I don’t have it all figured out yet so I don’t want to post the whole thing, but here is a look at next week:

Week 1

For the first couple weeks I will be starting on the smaller end of the mileage ranges. Anytime it says 5-7 miles I’ll be doing 5 miles. As I progress a lot of those days will be more off how my body feels.

I am just one of those people who works better with a plan. It doesn’t mean that I can’t edit that plan as I am going along but to have a schedule allows me to function so much better. I wish I was one of those who could just “go with the flow” but unfortunately I’m not.

Sometimes we have off weeks, and that’s okay. We pick ourselves back up and get back out there. Monday is a new day, a new week and almost a new month! What better time is there!?


Wes and I had a nice dinner out last night after several nights of food that looked like this.

Hospital Food

He has been working the 3-11 shift all week in the Emergency Room so several nights this past week I met him for dinner in the hospital cafeteria.


I plan to spend the rest of my day after my run relaxing.

Basking in the Sun

Seriously cats have the toughest lives don’t they!?


Do you like to have a running plan or workout plan?

How did your running/workouts go this week?.

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