Can you believe it is March already!?

One month closer. I am ready bring it on!  I worked most of the day yesterday. My alarm went of at 7:00 am to get up, do my morning chores and get to the gym before heading to work. Yeah that didn’t happen. My husband new I’d slept through my alarm but decided to let me sleep. What a guy!


We enjoyed a relaxing Saturday night together. Even Zoe got a treat.

Sheltie Dog Zoe Eating Menchies

Yes we brought Menchie’s home just for our dog. We are those people.

I was a little bummed that I didn’t get a workout in before work, but I am OK with an unplanned rest day. New me!


Here is a quick recap of my cross training this week:

Monday (2/24)

Pool Running: 2 hours

Tuesday (2/25)

Pool Running: 90 minutes

Wednesday (2/26)

Pool Running: 60 minutes

Walking: 18 minutes

Running: 15 minutes

Thursday (2/27)

Pool Running: 1 hour 50 minutes

Friday (2/28)

Pool Running: 60 minutes

Saturday (3/1)

Rest Day

Sunday (3/2)

Not sure yet. I’d like to get in something small but if it ends up being a rest day I am OK with that.


All in all a pretty good week. My schedule had me working more at night than during the day this week which allowed some longer workouts in the beginning of the week. I knew this weekend would be a little tricky when it comes to working out.


I love new months because they allow me to “reset.” If you have gotten a little off track or need a pick me up a new month is a great place to start.

I decided I would come up with a few goals for March to get me off on the right foot.


March Goals for Healthier Living

March Goals

  • Ease back into running (slowly and carefully)
  • Add strength training at least 2 times per week
  • Focus on eating healthier even on a budget
  • Blog growth (small steps forward)
  • Try to keep to a cleaning schedule
  • Begin the hunt for a place to live in Virginia/North Carolina
  • Begin my job hunt for the move.

As you can see I like to set personal, career and fitness related goals. It helps to keep me on track and away from focusing on only one thing all the time.


Home/Job Search in Virginia

Over the past month since we learned where Wes will be doing his residency, I have been in a hurry to get the ball rolling. I just hate waiting around and not being able to do any planning. As March nears a close I will FINALLY be close enough to where we can begin not only our search for a home but also my search for a job.

I am nervous but anxious to get this moving. We finally contacted a realtor who is helping us get the ball moving and keeping an eye out for us.


Here is a break down of kind of what we are looking for:

Rental: We aren’t quite ready to jump into being homeowners just yet.

Small (fenced in) Yard: Our precious Zoe has so much energy and really needs a small yard to run around in.

3 Bedrooms: We could negotiate on this but I would really like to have 3.

Safe Area: This really is my #1. I know I’ll be home quite often while Wes is at the hospital so I want to feel safe and live in a good area.

Country Area: Wes really wants to live in the country (for running purposes of course).  Thanks so our location it is possible but we will really have to search hard. This isn’t a deal breaker but we are going to try our best.


I’m really excited to start to search.

We have a few connections thankfully in the job field in that area so I am hoping that will at least get my foot in the door at a few places.  Unfortunately, April looks like it is going to be when I really can begin that process.  I can’t begin to express how much of a blessing it will be to find a job (that I will enjoy) before we move.


Personal Goals

Our house is out of control messy. I try to keep up with but with my every changing schedule I have zero energy to clean or even do laundry when I get home at the end of the day.

I’ve been browsing the internet for some easy cleaning schedules I can stick too.

Does anyone have any good suggestions? 


Fitness/Health Goals

As you all know my running will start back this month and I am antsy to get moving. My goal is so simple this month: ease into it. I don’t want to set mileage goals because I know I will push to hard. I simply want to ease into it and focus on strength training. Simple.

I know I promised a few of you a post on our food budget (I promise it is coming!) but to be honest its been tough. Finding food that is HEALTHY and in our budget is not the easiest task.

That’s also the reason I’ve been delaying the post a bit. I want to make sure I bring you an honest post, but I also don’t want to get your hopes up for something great. Eating healthy on a tight budget IS possible, but it’s not easy.  Once I have it down a bit more I promise I will share it with you.



Tell me, what are you goals for March?

Do you set goals for all areas of your life?

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