Running is a very personal sport. I think in many ways that is why I love it so much. I can lace up my shoes, get outside (or on a treadmill) and run however fast or slow I desire.

However, isn’t it also great to be able to have someone who will get you out the door and run with you when you need an extra push?

Wes and I have gone through many ups and downs when it comes to running together. Just like with different areas in a relationship sometimes one of us gives more than the other. With the two of us being at VERY different levels, our runs together are slow and easy. However, without a doubt I think that running together has benefited our relationship. 


It Opens Communication

Communication (or lack of) can really hurt a relationship. In our opinion, it is one of the biggest and most important parts of a relationship.  You wouldn’t expect anyone to read your mind right? Without communication our relationship in so many ways would fail.

Running together is a great way to open up communication. You can talk about your day, talk about whats on your mind and talk about your dreams. Does it sound silly? Think about it what you think about when you are out on the road alone? I for one think about my day, my stresses and future plans. I think of new blog posts, goals for the future or simply sit back and enjoy the beauty around me.

You can do these same things while running with your partner.  We have had more conversations about our goals and the future on runs than any other time.  It helps that on the occasions we actually plan a run together in our schedule that we take it slow and easy. This allows us to relax and be able to enjoy it together.


It Saves the Bank

This has become even more important as of late for us. What else can you do together that is completely free? Ok, so you may have to buy a pair of running shoes but chances are most of us already have some of those.

Next time you are looking for something to do with your partner, trying going out for a run (or walk). It’s completely free and you’ll feel so much better afterwards.


Think of it As a Date

Running doesn’t always just have to be something you do to get your cardio in every day. What if you viewed running together as a date?

You are on different schedules so just like any date it times planning and preparation.  Find a time when you are both available and plan a “running date.” Wes and I have done this several times and not only is it a great time together but if you are having a day where you are dreading going on your run, to know it’s a “date” gives you a boost of motivation.

Yes ladies you can still look nice for him.  Get out your best (most coordinated) running outfit that shows off your best features. I’m sure he will appreciate it just as much! 🙂


Plan a Race Together

Wes and I don’t always run races together, but when we do it makes it that much more fun. We ran the Chicago Marathon in 2011 and 2012 together and have ran several smaller races as well.

Race Together

If you have a little extra money in your pocket try planning a destination race where you can make it into a long weekend getaway.  Trust me, one of the best dates in the world is finishing a race and then spending the night afterwards relaxing and exploring a new city.


You Get Each Other

We know that from an outsider looking in there are many people that don’t “get” our relationship. They don’t get why we love running so much, they don’t understand why they can always find us at the gym and they don’t understand why we enjoy doing these things together.

Running together has given us a great bond in our relationship. Even when people from the outside don’t understand how Wes (or myself) could be so down about a running injury, I get it. It doesn’t mean it is easy to always deal with someone going through an injury, but when you can understand the passion for it – it allows you to have sympathy.

I get that on Friday nights Wes is going to want to eat a simple and high-carb dinner during training to get ready for his early morning Saturday run. We both get that our date nights will normally fall on Saturday nights so we can both get our long training runs done Saturday morning.

Guess what? I have a lot of pride in the fact that we understand each other. It’s fun, it can be frustrating but it gives us a great bond.


I know everyone doesn’t have the ability to run with your partner and that’s okay. The key is to find something that you do have in common. It can be applied to anything. It doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else, it can make you unique. Embrace those things that the two of you enjoy together and make it fun!


Do you run with your partner?

What is something that you and your significant other enjoy doing together?

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