We all have our “vices” right? That’s at least what I keep telling myself every time I look into my husband’s closet. This man has more shoes than I have ever had in my life. Behold my husband’s running shoe addiction below…there are over 20 pairs of running shoes here plus he has more sprawled around the house.

Running Shoe Addiction

I would love to use the excuse “Why don’t you throw them away because you only wear a few of them?”, but the sad fact is he wears every single one of them. In fact when we got to the gym usually  he will bring three pairs of shoes: shoes to wear to the gym, warm up shoes and then the shoes for his workout.

Running Shoes

Now I know where all our money goes. JK! We all have our vices – the things we want to spend money on. In all honesty he hasn’t gotten a new pair of shoes in almost 6 months which is big for him! He doesn’t spend money on anything else, that is his thing and when we have extra money he is always browsing the internet for a new pair of shoes.


I started to think though – what are my vices? What are the things that when I do have money I want to buy?

Here are a few of the things I choose to spend money on:

1. Clothes – Running clothes and non-running clothes. I’m not picky.
2. Vacations – It has been almost 2 years since we’ve gotten a real vacation.
3. Hair Products – I know it’s a little odd.

Other things I could care less about. I will buy the cheapest makeup, dye my own hair, paint my own nails and go months without getting even a trim to my hair. Some things a lot of women spend big money on. To each their own.


How about that for random this morning? On to my weekly recap:

Monday (3/9)

Running: 4.05 miles

Pool Running: 30 minutes

Strength Training: 20 minutes


Tuesday (3/10)

Running: 4.15 miles

Strength Training: 25 minutes


Wednesday (3/11)

Pool Running: 90 minutes


Thursday (3/12)

Running: 4.01 miles

Walking: 15 minutes

Pool Running: 30 minutes


Friday (3/13)

Running: 3.01 miles

3 Morning Miles

Saturday (3/14)

Rest Day


Sunday (3/15)

Running: 3.01 miles


I worked a lot this weekend so cut my workouts shorter during the weekend and did a little extra throughout the week. That just seems to be how my schedule works out lately.


Continuing with the random theme of today’s post. I found these beauties at the store Friday:

Laffy Taffy Jelly Beans

I love laffy taffy. I had no idea they made jelly beans! Has anyone else heard of this before?!

Mini Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs

I love February – April because they always come out with the chocolate marshmallow hearts/eggs depending on the season. They are my favorite candy EVER. I just saw these MINI eggs in the store. I am speechless.

I am going to be in trouble if I hang around those aisles too long.


Tell me, how did your training go this week?

What are some of your vices? The things you choose to spend money on?

Favorite candy of all time?

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