I am actually very happy that today is Monday.  There is something very refreshing about the start of a new week and a new month (tomorrow)!


April is one of my favorite months. Why you ask?

Spring is SLOWLY coming.

We got hit with another snow storm this past weekend, but usually once April begins it slowly starts to warm up.  We will still probably have several more days of snow at some point this month, but we are slowly rounding the corner to the end of this very very long winter.


It’s my birthday month.

I turn 28 on April 9th. I have mixed feelings about my birthday, but it is a special day none-the-less!


Don’t worry there are no plans to run 28 miles in celebration this year.


The countdown is really on until graduation and moving.

I cannot believe we are in the final two months of medical school and living in Erie. I wish I could hide my excitement, but I just can’t! 61 days until graduation. I never though the day would come.

Question: Has anyone moved long distance and can recommend a good moving company to me? I am really new to this last time we moved everything ourselves. That is NOT happening this time.


I get to start my job hunt.

I have sent my resume out to a few places already, but have put off really starting to hunt for a job for when we move until April. I wouldn’t be able to start until mid-June so I didn’t want to start too early.


Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

I haven’t mentioned much about it because Wes hasn’t given the final yes or no on his decision on if he will run it this year (he said he will decide by April 2nd). Even if we don’t end up making the trip this year I am excited to watch and follow along!


I know I posted my weekly recap yesterday but at the end of Sunday (I count my weeks Monday-Sunday) I had run a total of 28 miles. I felt good every day and can tell that my focus on the little things is really paying off.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about mistakes lately. I used to be really hard on myself especially when I was going through my injury recovery. I knew that the injury was 100% my fault and all I could focus on was every mistake, no matter how big or small, I had made during that time.

Mistakes 1

Then one day I stopped. I came to the realization that yes, I had made mistakes but I wasn’t perfect.  The only focus I needed to have was how I was going to overcome those mistakes and move forward. That is what defines a person. 

Every person in their life is going to make mistakes. I’m sure that isn’t life changing news. Some mistakes are going to be bigger than others. Some mistakes are going to take longer to pick yourself back up from, but every mistake can be overcome. You can keep moving forward, correcting your past mistakes and focus on the future.

Mistakes 2

I’m no longer focused on where I was before my injury, how many miles I ran before, or how much progress I had made. I am only focusing on where I can go from here.  What I need to do to be stronger, faster and a better runner so that I can go and get my dreams.

My number one goal no matter my dreams is to stay healthy.  That will always take the front seat even over my goals because I will never ever accomplish those goals if I am not healthy.

Mistakes 3

I tend to ramble when I start going on tangents, so I apologize but the moral of the story is it is okay to make mistakes. They are going to happen and there is really nothing that you can do about it.  Pick yourself back up, make a plan for the future, correct your mistakes and become better than you were before! There is no shame in making mistakes. It is part of life and in the end they will shape you into who you are meant to be.


Tell me I’m not the only one who makes crazy mistakes.

What is something you are looking forward to in April?

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