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Hi there! This week has been busy in our household, but that’s ok. I prefer it that!

The weather on Monday and Tuesday was beautiful. Mid to low 40’s, sunny and really all around perfect running weather. For the first time in 7 months I went for a run outside.

4 Miles Outside

I ran 4 miles outside with no pace in mind. I ran whatever pace felt easy to my body and tried to take in the beauty that was around me.  It felt like so long since I have been able to run in the sun.

Treadmills are great, but there is nothing better than the beauty of the outdoors on a sunny day.

Running Outside

Wes took this picture of me pre-run trying to get the right song on my iPod shuffle to start! I look so focused HA!

Oh, guess what it looked like today when I woke up? It was around 13 degrees and snowing. In fact we are supposed to get 10-14 inches of snow over the next day. WHAT?! The weather sure changed quickly.


Today was a rest day in terms of running. We headed to the gym a little later in the afternoon before I headed to work to do a little pool running and strength training.

This is my third straight day of strength training. I am really happy I have stuck with it, I know it will pay off for me in the long run!

Gym Strength Training

I am happy to report that Wes is running again. Not as much as he used to be, but he slowly working his way up. He will be making a decision by April 1st on whether or not he will run the Boston Marathon.

I have left this decision completely up to him. Of course, Boston holds a special place in my heart and we will always love going; however, it isn’t smart to run it if he isn’t 100%. I know it is hard decision because he doesn’t know what his schedule will end up being next year, and he knows this could be the last year he’s able to get off to do it for a while.

He has already decided if he were to run it he wouldn’t be racing, but instead either helping to pace a friend or just enjoying the event. We will see what happens!


Other than that the week has been going along pretty easily.

I submitted my first job application in Virginia. The job isn’t technically open yet but they wanted to see my resume. Nothing will probably start happening until mid-April but it never hurts to get started!

That’s about all for me this week so far.


Tell me…hows your week going?


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