Friday is here! I am especially excited about this weekend because I have most of it off from work (aside from Friday night).  That means more time to spend with my husband, cleaning and getting some work done at home.

My to-do list is slowly growing since we are almost officially 2 months out from the big move. It’s not big things yet, but we are slowly trying to get a few things accomplished.


Since is Friday, today I wanted to share 5 Products I Am Loving Lately. (There are no affiliate links in any of the products below).


1. Headsweats

I actually have been wearing Headsweats for over a year now. You can find me sporting them here and here previously.

The best thing about the hats to me (besides the fact that they fit my big head) is that they are so light weight.  During the winter I primarily wear either a headband to cover my ears or some sort of hat that is aiming to keep me warm.


As the temperature warms up and the sun comes out more often, I wear hats to actually keep hair, wind and sun out of my face.  I have worn hats previously that were too thick for summer time.  They made me hot and instead of helping me they made for a harder run.

Headsweats is made from a very thin and breathable material which makes it ideal for my need for a hat while running.

Headsweats Hat

All products in the Headsweats line are breathable, washable and wicking which make them optimal for runners, triathletes and others who spend a lot of time outside.


2. Ohyo Collapsable Bottles

I recently came across these Ohyo collapsable water bottles. At first I didn’t realize just how much use I would get out of them, but they are so practical.


I take them to the gym and use them while running. The small spout makes it ideal for quick drinking while running. Once I am done I can collapse them and throw it in my gym bag without it taking up much room.

This seriously is a HUGE plus seeing as my gym bag can usually not zip.

Ohyo Collapsable Bottles

I also started putting protein powder in them to take with me to the gym. I collapse the bottle with the powder in it to easily throw into my bag, and then when I am ready to drink it after my workout I just open it and add water.

The Ohyo collapsable bottle collapses small enough to fit into your pocket. Awesome right!?


3. PocketFuel

You may have noticed that PocketFuel was in the RunnerBox that I received this month. I actually had tried PocketFuel previously and use it regularly.

They make two very unique products: Cold Brew Coffee Energy Shots and Nut Butter Blends.

PocketFuel Nut Butters

Every single flavor of their Nut Butter Blends are delicious.  A few of my favorites:

  • Coconut Cherry
  • Pineapple Coconut
  • Chocolate Haze
  • Vanilla Haze

They have a total of 5 almond butter blends and 2 hazelnut blends. All of their products are produced in house at their facility in Oregon.

I love to put this on toast in the morning or even mixed in with my oatmeal.

PocketFuel Cold Brew Coffee Shots

I was a bit leery Cold Brew Coffee Energy Shots at first, but after trying it I loved it.  The shots are a blend of coffee, organic coconut milk, and either chocolate or vanilla. They are 100% all natural energy and contain 70 mg of caffeine per serving.

They come in three flavors: Java, Mocha and Vanilla. I love to use these when I need to get in a run after working. They give me just enough of a kick to get me out the door.


4. Nikwax BaseFresh

Nikwax BaseFresh  is a product my husband and I have been using recently.

NikWax BaseFresh

BaseFresh is an additive to use when washing your running clothing.  It helps to enhance the wicking properties of your clothing, keeps them fresher and keeps odors at bay.

You don’t know how much we have struggled with getting the “runner” smell out of my husband’s clothes in the past. It has frustrated me to no end.

NikWax Instructions

BaseFresh not only keeps odor from getting deep into your clothing but also helps keep your clothing from staining.

This has been a life savor when it comes to laundry in our house. You use this on top of your normal detergent and simply add 50 ml of this into your fabric softener dispenser.


5. Luxor Linens Monogramed Towels

As you all know, we will be moving in almost exactly 2 months.  One of the biggest focuses I have during this move is to throw out the old stuff we still have from college (yes we have a hard time getting rid of things)  and slowly begin getting a few nicer things.

I recently came across the awesome monogramed towels from Luxor Linens. They are very simple, but I am really excited to use these in one of the bathrooms in our new place.

Luxor Linens Monogrammed Towels

The color is a beautiful deep purple and I am already brainstorming decorating ideas for the bathroom!

You can choose your color, monogram font and font color when you pick them out.

Monogram Luxor Linens

They are unbelievably soft and I can’t wait to use them in the new bathroom.

They are having a great sale right now for almost 50% of these towels. I know it’s an odd thing to mention on the blog (since it doesn’t have to do with running) but I was so impressed with their quality I wanted to share it with you all!


In other news, I went for a slow 4 mile run yesterday. It was really nice.

4 Mile Easy Run

Don’t you love the Sheltie photo bomb in the background?

Wes joined me on the run. I’ve been really blessed this week as he has been able to run with me twice. He runs while I’m working and then when I get home he slows down and runs with me. I am taking in every moment while he still has the time.


What is a product you are really loving right now?

Any fun Friday night plans?

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