What a week it has been! 

It has been filled with wonderful happenings, lots of work, and refocusing on the important things in life.

I’m using today as a regroup day. It’s my first day off from everything and I am excited to catch up and regroup my life. Some days we just need to get refocused. 


Before I get into anything else here is my weekly workout recap:

Monday (2/10) Happy Birthday Dad!

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Rest Day. It wasn’t originally planned this way but due to some stuff we were dealing with it ended up being one.


Tuesday (2/11) 

Pool Running: 50 minutes

Spinning: 40 minutes


Wednesday (2/12)

Pool Running: 90 minutes

Spinning: 45 minutes


Thursday (2/13)

Spinnig: 60 minutes

Strength Training: 15 minutes


Friday (2/14)

Pool Running: 90 minutes


Saturday (2/15)

Rest Day – Spent all day babysitting.


Sunday (2/16)

Not quite sure what today will have in store. I am thinking either pool running, walking, spinning, or some of each.  We will just wait and see.


Most of the workouts were right along side Wes except for the workout on Thursday since I had to be at an interview early.

All in all a pretty good week. I am a little nervous about keeping on a schedule as my work schedule gets a little crazy. Each day has a different schedule so sometimes it makes getting a plan set a little more difficult.

I’ve learned that I have to give myself a little slack.  The priority right now is getting us through the next 3-4 months, and fitting in the best workouts I can during this time.  Once I run again it will make it a bit easier, but will still be difficult.

Sometimes in our lives we have to set our priorities. It doesn’t mean that things get put completely on the back burner, it just means that it is time to cut yourself a little slack. That’s my goal until we move – work as much as I can and do the best I can at my workouts and training. They will still happen the just may not be what I would have once intended.


We originally were going to do our Valentine’s/Match celebration Saturday night. After I got off work I was really tired and instead of trying to force it we opted to move our dinner out until Sunday. Plus, it will probably be a lot less busy!

We did enjoy a few Valentine’s treats before spending most of the night on the couch.

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Frozen Yogurt. Yes, I love whipped cream – don’t judge me.

2014 02 14 18 49 25

I also made some blueberry muffins and attempted to shape them into a heart. Wes didn’t even notice, oh well it’s the thought that counts!


We started out by watching our lovely college basketball team place Syracuse.

It was a tough and heartbreaking loss, but oh well!

2014 02 15 20 48 31

Afterwards I took a little break to work on this post and Wes got busy playing Call of Duty. He refused to play his game until after all tests and match were over. He can now officially relax and play again!

2014 02 15 21 33 10

Overall a pretty great and relaxing night. Looking forward to a day off and a day to celebrate today!


What did you do this weekend?

Anything exciting happening this week?


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