Continuing with the tradition I started the past 2 weeks, today’s word for motivation monday is resilience. 


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this word this past week.  To me it really embodies what I need to have both for running, my marriage, and my life in general.  We all have things that knock us down, that is just part of life. Resilience is what causes us to pick ourselves back up each time and keep moving.


Resilience doesn’t mean that things don’t get to us.  It doesn’t mean that we don’t fall down or that we don’t break apart sometimes. That is just how life goes, and emotion or frustration don’t make us weak.  Resilience is taking a moment (or if you are me sometimes a day/week) and letting ourselves be upset and then picking ourselves back up.

I am an extremely emotional person.  You may see it some on the blog, but if you ever meet me in person you will learn this very quickly.  I used to be ashamed of this fact. I tend to cry more than most people, I am extremely sappy, and often times I take things to heart that I really shouldn’t.  I used to feel so bad for this and I kept trying to change myself. I kept trying to be something I wasn’t.


As I have grown up over the last several years I have learned that this doesn’t make me weak.  Emotion is a great thing and I often am much more sympathetic to others because of this. Just because I get upset over something doesn’t make me any less of a person, but it is what I do once I am done getting upset that makes me resilient.  It is not letting something take over my life, but keep pushing forward in the right direction.


I know I have mentioned it before, but my husband always tells me it is not about suddenly making some big change over night but it is about getting up every single day and furthering yourself in some way. Even if it is a very small baby step.


I really have thought about that lately. In my life and in my running journey.  Some days we have awful runs but it is about not letting that hold us back. Sometimes furthering yourself is simply picking yourself back up and going out and readjusting your plan.  It can mean just simply doing something again and giving it another shot. 


As you all know I’ve been cross training with my husband as he has dealt with a tough injury the past week or so.  It’s been really hard for him especially being so close to the race he looks forward to every single year.  The Boston Marathon has such a special place in our hearts not only because of all that has happened recently, but also because it is the place we got engaged almost 5 years ago.

I don’t look at taking time off to be with him as weak, I look at it as resilient.  If I can encourage him, help him, and get him back to where he wants to be then I am so happy to do that.  It is teaching me a lot to at the same time and I am learning how to take care of my body and make it stronger even when I take a short break from running. I am learning that life isn’t all about helping ourselves but also helping others to be resilient. Sometimes we all just need a little push.


This was one of my absolute favorite quotes after I lost my job.  To me it meant that life isn’t always going to go our way, sometimes it’s going to do everything in it’s power to go the opposite way, but if we adjust how we look at life and we focus on the things we have control over we can learn to find happiness and a blessing in every situation.

As you know Wes and I really don’t like where we are living currently.  To say it has been a hard 4 years would be an understatement.  We always say we don’t care where we go next as long as we get out of here. It’s negative, but we are ready to move on. However, just yesterday when Wes and I were pool running I looked at him and said “it is a blessing that we are here right now because if we weren’t you probably wouldn’t have a pool available to you for pool running.”  When we lived in  NC we looked everywhere for a place with a pool but could never afford it, now we have access to THREE and at a very discounted price.  It may be a small blessing, but it is a blessing none-the-less!


I’ll leave you with this final quote.  It is so so true. I’ve really made a point to try and remind myself of this lately. Not every day is going to be a good day. Whether it is with you running, in your relationships, in your family, or just life in general it is guaranteed that we will not have good days all the time.  However, it’s all about our attitude and if we really look at our lives and our situation we can find SOMETHING good in every single day. 

My challenge to you this week is even on the tough days, the days when your run doesn’t go well, you get in an argument with your spouse or someone at work, when money is tight, or we are just down right exhausted try to find SOMETHING good in your day.


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What is your favorite quote on resilience?

What is ONE good thing about your weekend or your Monday?

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