Good morning!

Are you ready for a brand new week? I am still debating that with myself this morning but we will see how it goes!


No workout yesterday for me. I had my alarm set for 7:00 am to get to the gym and do a little pool running prior to heading into work but it didn’t happen. I let myself sleep in (even though I was up by 8:00 am) because I knew in the long run it wouldn’t kill me. 

I also knew I had to work 11-4 and be on my feet walking around. It’s not a workout but it would help me feel a little better. 


After work I told Wes I was so tired of being inside. I feel like my life is get up, go to the gym, go to work, come and sit at home. It is very cost effective way but I wasn’t ready to go home yet.

We ended up going out and walking around a couple stores before calling it a day. It felt good just to be out and about, and no significant money was spent!

We did end up finding these at the discount store.

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I was curious and since they were only $0.99 we figured we could splurge a little. Verdict: They are delicious! A bit different but it was a nice change from the plain chocolate chip cookies.


It’s Monday which means it’s time for another installment of Motivation Monday!

I really look forward to these posts every week because they get me ready and focused for a new week ahead!


Today I decided to use the word: focus.

There are many ways you can take the word focus and apply it to your life.


First and foremost this speaks to me more than anything. I think it is really encompasses so much of the problems some people have in their day to day lives, including me.  Life is so much more simple and so much easier if we just focus on what matters.  I have heard my husband say this to me several times over the years when I stress about EVERYTHING. I am not exaggerating when I say everything. He always tells me “just focus on what matters and the other things will figure themselves out.”

You know what, he is right. The more I have worked on focusing on the important things in life: my marriage, family, running, etc. The more I have been able to relax and be happy with where I am.  The areas of focus are different for everyone, but the principal is the same for all.



I spent several months last year completely lost in my past. I focused every day on what had happened in my life to me and how it wasn’t fair. Sure, it was hard but it was a complete waste of months and looking back on it I wish I could have snapped myself out of it. I was stuck and I couldn’t move forward because I couldn’t get myself out of focusing on the past.

You have to set your eyes on where you want to go and keep pushing forward. It doesn’t always mean everything you do is going to automatically get you to where you want to be, but you keep taking those steps that move you forward and you will get there. My jobs right now aren’t what I want to do for the rest of my life, but they are getting our family through the next 3 months and they keep moving us in the right direction of where I want to be. I know a better job will come along and I keep my faith I will find a job before we move, but right now I have to focus on pushing us forward and getting us to where we need to be.



We can sit around every day and focus on what we once were, what we once we did, or what happened to throw us off course.  We can focus on the past and everything that it was OR we can look into the future and see the beauty of building something completely new.

Everyone in my family will be the first to tell you that changes scares the hell out of me.  I always fall back into a routine where I just want everything to stay the same. Over the past several years I have become so much better at dealing with change and am truly finally focused on the fun and excitement of building something new.

We can’t go back and change things, but we can build a future that is more focused on where we want to be.  The future is completely determined by you. Of course life can throw things at you that you weren’t expecting, but you can shape your future into whatever you want it to be!



Sometimes we lose focus.  We get off track and we forget what the important things in our life are. It’s easy to get bogged down in day to day life or bad things that happen. Sometimes we are required to readjust our focus.

I have actually sat down and listed out the things I should be focusing on. It may seem silly to some but this allows me to let go over the other things and really remember what I need to be focusing on. They can change and sometimes that list has to be adjusted, but life happens and the best thing you can do is keep moving towards your goal. 



Focus can be applied to all areas of your life. I have a focus that one day I will qualify for the Boston Marathon. When I go run, or cross train, or really anything that I do I am slowly progressing towards that goal. Of course, we have setbacks. I had an injury, my husband is now injured, but it doesn’t mean that you still aren’t focused on your ultimate goal.  Your focus is what drives you.

You better bet that the goal of my husband to make the marathon Olympic Trials in 2016 or 2020 is what drives him every single day. I know what his focus is and he knows what mine is and we both help each other where we can. That’s the beauty of focus is that we can support one another while still having our own individual focus.

You have to focus on what you want and not let what other people say deter you. There are going to be people who doubt you or think you are crazy, but it is not theirs to understand. Keep pushing and don’t lose focus!


Tell me what you are focused on this week?

What is a big goal or focus you have in your life?

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