It’s Friday! Hooray! This is the first day I don’t have a job to go to, and it is kind of nice. I love getting an extra hour of two of sleep and not having to get up and rush somewhere.


Thank you to everyone who has inquired about how Wes is doing.  He is still struggling with the pain but said he is about 30% better.  He will get an MRI this morning just to rule out any chance of a fracture and then he has another appointment later in the afternoon to try to get adjusted again. Keep your fingers crossed! Every morning we wake up and hope that he will feel better.  

Yesterday soon after we got up we headed to the gym to spin together. 

IMG 0105

It was nothing special. Pretty long and boring, but it felt good to get it in before heading to work for the rest of the day.


After Wes picked me up from work we headed to the dollar store to pick up a few things we needed at home.  We have really had to tighten up our budget lately. It is probably the tightest it has EVER been so it is making things a little bit more tricky. We now go to the dollar store to get some items that we need. Some of the greatest finds at the dollar store:

-Cards (I found a birthday card I needed for my dad)
-Snack Foods
-Paper Towels/Toilet Paper
-Dryer Sheets

We are able to save a good amount of money by buying the things we can there.  


Since we are on a tight budget, I’ve been brainstorming some ideas for Valentine’s Day. Of course, it would be great to go out for a fancy dinner and enjoy some time out but it is just not in the cards for us right now. I thought a great topic for my Friday post would be Five Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day on a Budget. 


Budget vday


1. Romantic Movie Night at Home

We have always loved watching movies together. Get a few romantic movies together, get your favorite candy, and spend a night snuggled up under a blanket watching movies together.

This is something we do almost every weekend together. 


2. Memory Night

Spend the night reminiscing about times in the past:

-Watch your wedding video
-Look at your wedding album together
-Go through old pictures
-Talk about your favorite memories

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This was a picture from our very first Valentine’s Day together back in 2005.


3. Cook Dinner at Home

Go to the store and pick up your favorite meal. 

On Valentine’s Day get in the kitchen and cook together. Cooking together can actually be very romantic and it is great quality time spent together.  Light candles, poor a glass of wine, turn your phones off, and enjoy a dinner without an interruptions.


4. I Love You Because…

In college I made a poster with 10-15 reasons that I loved Wes for Valentine’s Day. I wish I knew where it was to take a picture, but somewhere between all the moves I think it eventually got thrown away.

A simpler way to do this is take 10 notecards and write down one reason on each why you love your significant other.  Then you can sit down and read them to one another. 

I try to think of creative ones that my husband would never think of!


5. Go for a Drive

This may sound strange, but my husband and I have done it several times.

We usually will get in our “comfy” clothes and get in the car and just drive. Not very far from where we live it turns into back country roads. We love just go drive out there in the evening to relax and talk. There is no better place than to have some great conversations than in the car together.

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This was from Valentine’s Day in 2010 with our cat Gorman before we headed out to dinner. I am really starting to miss my bangs.


The key for a low-key Valentine’s Day is just to spend time together. Remind your loved one just why you love them. The most important thing to me is to spend time with Wes and enjoy a quiet evening just the two of us.

Remember, you can do any of these things any day of the year! Don’t wait for February 14th! Always let those you love know what they mean to you.


Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans?

What is your favorite thing to do with your significant other?


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