Ever since I’ve started juggling several jobs I have had to become really organized.

I typically will get my workout done first thing in the morning, shower, and head straight to work from the gym. Going after work is pretty much out of the question considering I usually don’t get off until anywhere from 7:30 – 10:00 pm.


In the past I have taken 3 separate bags:

1. My purse

2. A bag with my gym clothes

3. My computer bag (in case I have extra time) which also worked as a storage bag for my hair products.


I was getting bogged down with all of the different bags I’ve had to carry and I felt like a crazy bag lady.


Recently Fitmark sent me one of their awesome bags to try out.

2014 02 01 09 39 49

They sent me the Sport Tote and I loved the sleek style.

Color Options


The Sport Tote comes in three different colors.  I love color but when it comes to gym bags I really love the classic black bags.  

2014 02 18 08 35 27

The inside of the bag was pink which added a touch of color without being over the top.

At fist glance when I received the bag I didn’t think there was any possible way that it could fit all the items I needed to bring with me in the bag, but I decided to give it a try anyways to see how it would work.


The first day I used the bag I had all of my showering items, my laptop, iPad, swim suit, pair of shoes, and accessories to take with me to get ready after my workout.

2014 02 18 08 02 43

One thing I really loved right off the bat was the separate bag they put inside that can either work as a bag for your shoes or in my case my wet swim suit to keep it from getting the other items wet or dirty.

2014 02 21 07 53 39

This has come in handy so many time since I began using this bag.  I don’t have to worry about it getting the chlorine smell all over my other clothes.

2014 02 18 08 35 33

Everything to my surprise fit into the bag WITH room to spare. Granted there wasn’t a whole lot of room left but I could have fit a few extra things in it.

The Sport Tote comes with four pockets.


1. Small side pocket – I used this primarily for my phone chord, headphones, watch, and other small items I didn’t want to misplace.

2. Large Center pocket – This pocket is very large and I was able to fit all of my clothing, hair straightener, hair dryer, and I also fit my computer in here with ease.

3. Mid-size side zipper pocket – I used this primarily for my makeup bag, perfume, and other accessories I needed to get ready.

4. Small side magnetic close pocket – This pocket has a small magnet in it that latches close.  I usually would keep my swimsuit, shoes, or other items in this that I didn’t want getting my work clothing dirty.


Other Notable Features:

  • Soft lined pockets 
  • Waterproof bag that held up under several snow and rain storms
  • Fashionable and can be taken just about anywhere
  • Fit-Hydrate insulated pocket for your water bottle.  This allows the bag to keep the condensation contained from your water bottle so that the rest of your clothes don’t get wet.
  • Separate shoe/laundry bag has anti-microbial protection


I really love this bag and it will be going to the gym with me every single day.  My favorite thing about it is the fact that it is fashionable and I can carry it other places with me without everyone realizing it is my gym back.

I have taken it to work several times without any questions or comments. 

Check out Fitmark they specialize in only fitness bags so they really know what they are doing! 



You can also check out Fitmark Bags on:







Do you have a go-to gym bag?

How much stuff do you take with you when you go to the gym? Please don’t say I am the only crazy bag lady out there!


Disclosure: Fitmark sent me a bag to try out. This post was not compensated in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 🙂

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