I had every intention of bringing you a review of this awesome Fitmark bag I have been using the past couple weeks.

2014 02 18 08 35 33

Unfortunately, by the time I finally got home last night I was exhausted. This will have to wait until a little later this week, once my work schedule calms down a little bit.

2014 02 01 09 39 49

I work a double shift tomorrow so won’t be off work until close to 10:00 pm. I figured today was a great day for a little light hearted post.

I’ve read a couple of the “day in the life” posts and really enjoy them. Though my daily life isn’t too thrilling I thought I would give it a shot!


6:50 am – Alarm went off and I dragged myself out of bed. I don’t always get up at the same time everyday, but it’s pretty close.

7:00 am
– Take Zoe out to go to the bathroom, feed the cats and her. Eat breakfast and of course fix my coffee.

2014 02 13 07 47 31

7:30 am
– Get dressed and ready to go to the gym.

2014 02 18 07 55 50

You are jealous of my extremely bright green shirt I know. Oh, and yes I know I need to clean the mirror.

8:00 am –
Drop Wes off for his rotations and head to the gym. We have been trying to take one car as much as possible recently to save money. Thankfully the hospital he is doing his rotation at right now is directly beside our gym.

8:30 am
– Start my workout on the spin bike. 

2014 02 18 08 51 46 1

I started to watch the season finale of The Biggest Loser after hearing all the hype about it. 


9:20 am – Get off the spin bike and head downstairs when Wes texts me to let me know he is done.  He only has to do rounds in the morning so he is usually done pretty quickly.


9:45 am – Respond to a few comments and emails while Wes is finishing up a phone call.


10:30 am – Get in the pool to start pool running. 


11:45 am – Get out of the pool and head into the locker room to get ready to go to work.


12:45 pm – Sit down and respond to a few emails and eat a quick lunch before heading to work.


1:30 pm – Wes drops me off at work before heading back to the gym.


7:00 pm – Wes picks me up from work and has a pretty awesome surprise in the car for me.

2014 02 18 19 56 42

Unfortunately I had to wait until after dinner to begin eating these 🙂 Peeps are amazing.


8:30 pm – We arrive home after running a few errands and I find some awesome prizes waiting for me.

2014 02 18 19 52 49

Reebok sent me their new ZQuick shoes to try out. I will be using them this week and having a review coming up soon! (There may also be a little something for you all in it as well.)

2014 02 18 19 53 12

My Mom is also amazing and sent me four new boxes of coffee. My day is made!


9:15 pm – Ate some dinner and sat down to watch a movie and work on this blog post.


10:30 pm – Take Zoe out for our nightly walk and get ready for bed.


11:00 pm – Goodnight!


I know you are really thrilled by my super exciting life right? Right now I feel like most of my days aside from which job I am working are pretty much the same.

Tuesday and Thursday are probably my favorite days because my job doesn’t start until 1:30. This allows me to do a good workout in the morning before I head into work and then I can relax when I am done working.  It is so hard to talk yourself into going to run or workout after a long day on your feet!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!


Tell me one thing you did today?

What was your workout yesterday?

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