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Good morning ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday! My workout went great and we took it easy here at home most of the evening. Another blizzard came through which pretty much takes away your motivation to do much of anything.


The first picture was in morning and the second was on our way to dinner in the afternoon. It was a complete white out.


I think this picture of Zoe pretty much sums up our evening.

2014 01 25 20 52 31


We got to the gym decently early and I started the workout off with an 8 mile run.  I didnโ€™t increase my mileage because 8 miles is plenty right now for my โ€œlong run.”

The 8 miles went well. I started it off VERY slow and then after 2 miles picked up the pace a little.

2014 01 25 12 33 34

When I was done running I walked for a mile and then called it quits.


I did a few upper and lower body weights and about 15 minutes of stretching to end out the day.

2014 01 25 13 30 34


Here is a run down of my workouts throughout the week:

Monday (1/20)

Run: 4.5 miles

Walk: 1.0 mile

Spin: 40 minutes


Tuesday (1/21)

Run: 3.5 miles

Walk: 1.6 miles

Spin: 40 minutes


Wednesday (1/22)

Run: 4.5 miles

Walk: 1.0 mile

Spin: 20 minutes

Strength Train: 15 minutes


Thursday (1/23)

Run: 4.0 miles

Walk: 1.0 miles

Spin: 40 minutes


Friday (1/24)

Rest Day


Saturday (1/25)

Run: 8.0 miles

Walk: 1.0 miles

Strength Train: 35 minutes


Sunday (1/26) 

Rest or Easy Recovery


Week in Review

Running – 24 miles

Spinning – 57 miles

Walking – 6 miles 

Strength Training – 3 days


I met my goal of decreasing my spinning and only spun during the week. I skipped it this weekend, it just wasnโ€™t necessary and I turned my focus instead on strength training.

2014 01 25 12 41 54

All in all another good week. I am still trying to evaluate what next week will look like.  Right now I have had ZERO pain (thank goodness) and each week has felt better than the last.  


Wes mentioned the other day that he thought it might be a good idea for me to explain the match process a little bit better.  I guess it kind of can be confusing if you arenโ€™t aware of the process.

Wes goes to an Osteopathic medical school (DO) which means that he can enter two different matches. The AOA (DO match) and the ACGME (MD match).

The DO match is on February 10th and if Wes submitted a list for the DO match and did in fact match into a residency on February 10th then he would no longer be able to enter the ACGME match.

Wes did interviews for both programs and he had two programs in particular that thought very highly of him. One of them was an AOA residency and the other an ACGME.  His first choice is an ACGME residency and they have shown extreme interest in him as well, he really struggled however taking the risk of โ€œputting all his eggs in one basket.โ€ We have gone back and forth this week trying to decide if his desire to be at his top choice was worth the risk. In the end, he decided to hold off and enter the ACGME (MD match) which is on March 17th.


Keep your fingers crossed – if all goes well we will end up back in North Carolina! 

I hope this makes sense. It is an annoying and frustrating process with two matches, but itโ€™s even more annoying to type it out. HA!


We are off to relax, clean, and then head out with some friends later.


What are your Sunday plans?

How were your workouts this weekend? Anyone race?

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