I can’t believe we’ve been home from Christmas break for an entire week already. We are back in full force here and have gotten into our routine again.

I’ve gotten back into the swing of my workouts and I feel great. I have to say taking it slow and keeping up with my cross training so far has really paid off. My body is responding so much better!


I wanted to share with you today a new tool I have been using to track my workouts, but first here is a break down of this week’s training:



3 miles running.

60 minutes spinning.



5 mile interval run total of 60 minutes.



3 miles running.

80 minutes spinning.



AM: 35 minute treadmill intervals.

PM: 80 minutes spinning at the gym. 



Rest Day



6 miles total divided up between 5 miles straight running and the last mile alternating every 0.25 miles between walking and running.  

2014 01 04 12 02 37

I was really nervous going into this run. This was the furthest I have run without stopping since my injury. I am happy to report though that my leg did great!

2014 01 04 13 26 20

I finished it up with 70 minutes spinning.



I am still a little undecided on what I will be doing today. It will either be an easy ay or I’ll try to tackle another very short fun and spinning session.

Total Weekly Recap

Running Days – 5

Cross Training Days – 6

Rest Days –  1


Great week all together! I kept up with my goal of cross training and even though I didn’t note it on my training I also completed two days of weight training. I’m happy with my start to 2014!


Remember back when I listed the items I had on my Christmas wish list? One of the items I was looking for was this awesome training journal.  I have been toying around with the idea of a written training journal, and I am still really wanting one. However, I didn’t get it for Christmas and it’s really not in the budget right now so I went looking for a new option.

I found this awesome website called TrainingPeaks.

Training Peaks 1

TrainingPeaks is a program for athletes and coaches. You can track your workouts along with food and nutrition. 

I used to track via DailyMile and while I loved it in the beginning, I decided I wanted a more organized and in depth approach to tracking my training.

Training Peaks 2

The calendar allows you to track each workout you do. When you log a workout you can log pretty much anything you can think of. Mine are divided between running and biking.

At the end of the week it also totals everything for you.  You can set goals and see if you accomplish them. I hope to be able to use this to track my total mileage for 2014!

Training Peask 3

It has various graphs on the side that will track your total times in each “sport.”  When I look at those numbers I can’t believe I was on the bike for almost 5 hours this week! It also will allow you to track calories burned if you record it throughout the week.

They also have an app for both the iPhone and Android.

2014 01 05 00 25 41

It makes it very easy to log my workouts while I am doing them and then it automatically syncs them to that I can see them on the computer when I get home.


I don’t know about you all but I have always wanted to find a great way to track my workouts and out of all of the ones I found this was by far the best!

Do you track your workouts? Online or in a journal?

Are there any other tracking sites you have found?

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