Whew! Long day. I am finally home and have a chance to get started on this blog post.


I have some great news! After much stress and worry I have found a 2nd part time job.  It isn’t going to make us rich or even pay all the bills but it is SOMETHING and that means I am on my way to furthering myself and our family.

I’ve had to let go of the need to be able to supplement what I used to bring in, and realize that all I can do at this point is the best I can. I can’t expect miracles over night – I just try to take a step in the right direction.

I start training this afternoon and am looking forward to it.


In other news, yesterday’s workout wasn’t anything spectacular.

I spent 40 minutes on the treadmill running just over 4 miles and then followed that up with a walk around the indoor track for 20 minutes.

IMG 0013

I also got in a pretty quick leg workout before we had to run to an appointment.

IMG 0014


My workouts have been missing something lately. I don’t know if it is stress, or I’m just losing focus, but I am really trying to get my mind back into it lately.


I wanted to go ahead and get something out in the open before the rumors start over the next few days. Saturday night the husband and I were walking and he slipped and fell on ice (stay tuned for a post later on running in the snow/ice).  At first everything seemed fine it was just a bit sore, but then Monday when he started his run something was off. Pain starting coming on really bad in his lower back/glute area.

After 3 doctors visits we BELIEVE that he a sacra iliac dysfunction (he says this like everyone will know what that is) but it is a misalignment of the joint that connects your sacrum to your hip.  He has been adjusted twice now and is hoping that over the next week or so that it will get better.

The past couple days have been tough because he has had to go cross train with no running. If you thought I was bad when injured you don’t even want to live in our household right now.

Anyways, I have decided that starting today through whenever he can run again I am going to be taking a step back from running and cross train with him. We are hoping that this won’t be too long of a recovery, but I feel that in order to support him this will really help.

I found this quote one time and it is so true.

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Sometimes we have to take a step back and be strong for our spouse.  I’m not training for anything right now and since I am already taking things slow coming back from an injury, it really couldn’t be a more perfect time.


So before the rumors start:

No, I am not injured again.

No, I am not cross training because I overdid it and now can’t run.


I am simply slowing my running down a bit to support my husband during this tough time for him. Hopefully it won’t be for long!

I look forward to being able to cross train with him because when it comes to running we rarely run together since he is so much faster. There can be good found in ever situation, but I hope that he will be back running like a crazy man soon!


Have you ever had a situation where you had to be the strong one in the relationship?

Wednesday check in – how are your workouts going so far?

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