A few weeks ago Janji sent me a pair of their running shorts to try out.



I hadn’t really heard too much about the company, but after doing a little research I was blown away by the cause and focus of Janji.

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I love companies that have a cause behind their brand. The mission of Janji is simple: we all know as runners that we require proper hydration to be able to run at our best, however, there are millions around the world that don’t even have the basics that they need in order to survive.

“Through each purchase of Janji’s distinctive running apparel, a portion of proceeds funds organization that are alleviating the worst problems related to food and water.  By funding solutions and raising awareness through our apparel, Janji wants to create a nation of runners that run for another and eliminate the global food and water crisis.”

How awesome is that?!


Janji Those Affected


We often (myself included) get so focused on all that we have going on in our life that we forget that there are so many people around the worlds that lack the basics to just survive. We are so very blessed.


On top of the awesome cause, I have nothing but positive things to say about their running shorts. 

I can’t speak for males, but as a female I always have a hard time finding running shorts that fit the way that I want them to. They are either too tight, too baggy, and it is hard to find exactly the right fit.

Janji 1

I apologize for the awful background in these pictures.  I didn’t even realize I had a basket of clothes in ever picture until after I was already editing them.

The shorts were breathable and never rode up which is very important to me.


They didn’t come up too far on my waist, and hit me perfectly to where I didn’t have to do any adjusting as I do with other shorts I have used in the past.

Janji 2


The first run I did in them I was hooked. I never had to mess with them, adjust them, or worry that they were riding up on me. This really bothers me especially when I am doing a longer run I don’t want to be exerting any extra energy messing with my clothing.


They have two versions of these running shorts: Rwanda Running Short and the Bangladesh Running Short.

Running Shorts


The name of the shorts designates what country your purchase is helping.  The colors match the flags of the country. I thought this was a really awesome touch.


My shorts came with a tag letting me know how these shorts were helping the country.

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I loved the personal touch.

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I can’t say enough positive things about these shorts. Not only are they really well made, high quality, and great for running. They also have a great benefit and cause behind them!

I would highly recommend checking out their site.  You can read more about their cause here and here

They also make shirts, tights and accessories for men and women!

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