We are packing up and heading back to Pennsylvania today. I am not happy to be leaving our family, but I am looking forward to seeing our fur children. We miss them a lot when we are gone!

It was such a great Christmas but it went by too quickly. Right now we have no other planned trips home until we see our family in June for Wes’ medical school graduation. That makes me sad, but I have learned you never know what will happen! 


We are at Sunday so it is time to recap my training this week. I am pretty happy with how my training went for being home for vacation. I could have done a lot better with my eating, but I let myself slide some during the holidays. I look forward to getting back on a more normal and healthy eating schedule, and my stomach does too!


Here is my training for the past week:

Monday – Walking and Running

AM: 90 minutes running and walking. 


Tuesday Running and Weights

AM: 3.5 miles easy running and walking. I ended my workout with some all over body weights.


Wednesday Rest Day


Thursday – Running and Walking

AM: 90 minutes running and walking. I followed the same workout from Monday.


Friday Walking

AM: 70 minutes walking outside around a local park.


Saturday Running and Walking

AM: 1 1/2 hours of running and walking.

This was going to be one of my final “tests” to see how my leg was doing. 


I started the workout with 3 intervals: 10 minutes, 12 minutes, and 14 minutes. In between each of the intervals I would walk for 5 minutes and then ended the last few minutes in the hour with walking.

2013 12 28 11 11 28

I had to help my husband with his treadmill so I stopped the workout and stretched before finishing up the last part.

We decided that if my leg could handle 2 more miles after the 36 minutes I had already run then I was definitely starting to get where I need to be.

I ran 2 miles at a 10 minute pace and then finished it off with 25 minutes of slow walking.

2013 12 28 12 07 48

Total mileage for the run/walk was 8.47 miles. This was my longest to date.

I finished my workout out with a lot of stretching while I waited for Wes to finish his run. My legs and calves were very tight so I knew I needed a good foam rolling session before calling it a day.

2013 12 28 12 12 10

I have worn my Mizuno Wave Rider 17 shoes on every run this week. I still think they are awesome.


Sunday – Rest Day


Weekly Recap Summary:

Running Days – 4

Cross Training Days – 1

Rest Days – 2


I didn’t get in quite as much cross training this week due to the lack of options.  The gyms that I went to didn’t allow non-class spinning and neither had pools. I did the best I could with weights, but I ended up doing a bit more running than originally planned.

The good news is that my leg feels great. We did a bit more of a test on it Saturday and there was no pain or irritation. This is extremely good news and is a great sign for the beginning of a slow increase back into running.

Monday we will reevaluate where I am in terms of running and change up my training for the week. I look forward to starting this next phase!


How did your training go for the week?

Do you enjoy interval workouts?

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