We are in North Carolina! We are staying at Wes’ families home until Christmas afternoon and then we will switch.

I plan to soak up every single minute we have down here.  We haven’t made a trip where there wasn’t something stressful going on (interviews) in a while so we are both really looking forward to it!


It is Sunday so that means it is my weekly recap time.

I have to say I have picked up my cross training this week. I went completely off how my body was feeling and to my surprise it responded very well. I decreased my running to two days, cross trained the other days, and moved my rest day to Friday instead of Sunday due to traveling.


Monday – Spinning

PM: 70 minutes spinning. I did 25 minutes on my own and 55 minutes of a spin class.


Tuesday –  Running and Spinning

AM: 40 minutes of running intervals followed by 70 minutes on the spin bike.


Wednesday – Spinning

AM: 120 minutes spinning. 


Thursday – Spinning, Walking, and Weights

AM: 60 minutes spinning and 15 minutes walking on the treadmill

PM: 30 minutes spinning and a few upper and lower body weights


Friday – Rest Day


Saturday Running

AM: 75 minutes various running intervals.


Sunday – Rest Day


Weekly Summary

Rest Days – 2

Running Days – 2

Cross Training Days – 4


Yesterday we headed to the gym pretty early to get in a workout before starting our trip to North Carolina.  We ended up having some car trouble on the way there with my car so I dropped Wes off at the gym to get started and I went back home to switch all of our stuff into his car.  We didn’t want to take any chances with car troubles on the long drive.

I arrived at the gym and Wes was about 45 minutes into his run, which actually ended up working out pretty well. The original plan was to spin today and run tomorrow. I went into the spin room and soon realized there was a class going on and every single spin bike was taken. Oops! 

I decided to switch back to my original plan and run today.  I only ran 2 weeks this week so I decided to take it up a notch today. I started out with a test interval just to get an idea of how my leg was feeling.

Running Interval #1:

1/2 mile – walking
1/2 mile – running (10:00 min pace)

2013 12 21 09 00 51

I repeated this two times for a total of just over 2 miles. My leg felt fine at the end so I decided it was time to take it up a notch.


Running Interval Workout:

4321 Workout


I honestly felt great during this workout. I was nervous as I always am but everything went great. There was no pain and my legs felt strong.  The only thing I will have to work at is getting my cardio back up. I can tell the spinning is working some but it definitely is not where it used to be.

2013 12 21 09 51 08

I wanted to do some weights but we were cutting it close and needed to get moving. I probably will do a few weights tomorrow just to make sure to get them in.


Remember on Monday when I set my goals for the week? I have to say I did pretty good.

Pre-Planned Workouts: I set my goal of 2 running days, 5 days of cross training, and 2 days of weights. – Almost! I ended up with 2 running days, 4 cross training days, and 2 days of weights (assuming I do my weights tomorrow).

Christmas Related Activities: My goal was to do at least 2 Christmas related activities with Wes. – Ehhhh. We did go Christmas shopping together but that was about it.  We just didn’t end up having time this week to get much else in.

Christmas Shopping: Get it done. Check! We have one thing to buy that we can’t get until we are in North Carolina but everything else is complete. 

Part-Time Job Search: Get started on finding 1-2 part times jobs. Check! I have one in the works. Hopefully it will all pull through, but still need to look into a second as well.

Blogging: I set a goal of two posts per day Monday – Thursday. Check! This week will be a little different due to Christmas, but was I stuck to it all week!


Overall a great week all around!


How did your week go? Workouts?

Are you ready for Christmas?

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