I hope everyone had a very wonderful and merry Christmas! I know we did.

We are now at my family’s house and are staying here until Sunday. It is nice to have several more days of relaxation before heading back up North!


I thought I’d do a little recap of the past few days because I have been a little M.I.A on the blog since I was trying to soak up family time.

Tuesday morning I woke up and decided I would do a short run/walk. The gym that my in-laws go to will not allow you to use the spin bike unless you are doing a class. There weren’t any classes going on so that was out of the question.

2013 12 24 11 40 17

I ended up doing just over 3.5 miles total. After I finished I worked on my core and some upper body weights before calling it a day.

It was a pretty good workout and allowed me to get in one last run before taking Christmas Day off.


The rest of Tuesday was spent with visiting family and relaxing.

PicMonkey Collage

We did attempt to build a gingerbread house the night before. We started, it failed, but then we were able to redeem it. Thankfully the 4 year old we were building it with was a good sport.

2013 12 24 14 19 00

I spent some time snuggling with my husband’s kitties. This cat would not leave my lap the entire time we were visiting.

We spent Christmas Eve watching TV, ordering a pizza at 9:00 pm, and just enjoying each others company.


We got up around 8:00 am this morning to start the day.  We had planned to stay at my in-laws until about 2:00.

2013 12 25 08 47 35

Santa was really great to us. I will be sharing all the fun items with you tomorrow, but let’s just say we are very blessed.

2013 12 25 10 02 38

After we had finished the presents Wes headed out for his Christmas Day run. He was planning on getting 12 miles in, so we ended up hanging around the house relaxing until it was time to go and pick him up. I have to admit I really wanted to go and run with him, but I knew my body needed to rest and it was Christmas so I was OK with relaxing and enjoying a slow morning.


After we had showered and eaten lunch we said our goodbyes and headed an hour west to my family’s house.

2013 12 25 17 29 16

We opened presents before our extended family arrived.  My mom is finally upgrading her extremely old computer and got a mac! You have no idea how big of a deal this is for her.

2013 12 25 17 49 52

My brother and I spent most of the time trying to teach her the basics until she goes to her first lesson at the Mac store.

2013 12 25 17 42 45

We had some of our extended family over for dinner. We had lasagna and ribs – delicious! After most everyone had left we gathered around the TV and watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation until it was time for my brother and his wife to leave.

My brother was actually heading into work at 11:00 pm, but I was so happy we got to spend some time with him!


We had an amazing Christmas and I am thankful this year we do not have to rush back and have a few more days to relax and enjoy.  

I am so very blessed with my husband, family, health, and each and every one of you this year. I have so much to be thankful for even during hard times. I now am looking forward and can’t wait to enjoy a new year!


How was your Christmas?

What did Santa bring you?

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