Hello Hello! Happy Saturday!

No matter what Saturday is always my favorite day. We always start the morning with a trip to the gym, then relax, shower, and head out for usually our only real date night of the week.

Our date nights are a bit shorter now with all the studying Wes has to do but I still look forward to it so much!


I went to the gym Friday morning for a cross training day.

I started spinning – stopped after 20 minutes. I started walking around the track – stopped after 15 mins. I just couldn’t get into being there.

I stretched and did some form drills and left. I don’t know if it was laziness or my body’s way of telling me that I needed a break, but I went home. There is always tomorrow!


This little gem got delivered to our house today.

2013 12 06 15 25 56

 Wes came in 6th in his age group! 

2013 12 06 15 23 24

It has the plaque on the outside and then a commemorative coin on the inside. 

I thought it was really nice and I prefer it over the plaques he has gotten in previous years. I am a proud wife!


I did finally get around to getting up our Christmas tree yesterday. 

2013 12 06 15 06 40

We got it in the house last night, but I didn’t get to working on it until this morning.

I put the lights on it and then waited for my husband to stop studying so we could finish the ornaments together.

2013 12 06 16 31 01

This pretty girl is really enjoying having it up!

2013 12 06 18 41 42

This is the final product. I love it. There is just something about once the tree goes up that really puts me in the holiday spirit!

We really won’t be able to relax or plan our Christmas until after Wes takes his test on December 16h, but still it is a start!


We are heading to the gym this morning and I get to do another “run.” Keeping my fingers crossed they keep going well!

I always get so excited the night before my “run” days because I can’t explain how much joy even these short little runs bring to me.  After over 3 months of no running even the shortest run makes me feel like me again.


Finally, Wes showed me this video last night of a guy and his daughter singing “Somebody That I Used to Know.” It’s so awesome and will make you smile! 


What are you up to this Saturday?

We are thinking about seeing a movie tonight – any suggestions!? 

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