Yesterday was a complete rest day. Sometimes when I have a “rest” day I will do weights or core work, but yesterday I decided to do nothing.

It was just what my body needed and I am glad I listened to it!


I have been working the past couple days on my Christmas list.

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My family asked me a couple weeks ago to start putting a list together and I blanked. I had no idea what I wanted.


Of course, my main wish is just to be home for Christmas. Right now we really don’t know what our schedule will be, but I am hoping that we can work something out.

I started to brain storm ideas and came up with some running “wish list” Christmas items.


1. The Believe I Am Training Journal

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I have always tracked my mileage online, but I have really been wanting to get a written training journal. You can not only record your actual mileage but you can also keep track of how you are feeling, progress, and so much more!

I think this would be a great way for me to really focus on my body and how it is responding to training.


2. PRO Compression Socks

We all know my love for PRO Compression and really compression socks in general.

I typically wear them on just about every run that I do because I believe they help to alleviate some of the force on my legs. I also like to wear them at night when I have had a particularly hard running day.

PRO Compression


I am currently eyeing the white and the pink.


3. GPS Watch

I have been using a Garmin GPS watch for as long as I can remember.

It is on its last leg so I have been playing around with switching up to a different kind. The problem is I have never used any other brand, and I almost feel like it is safest to stay with what I know works.

The two other brands I have been looking into are:

Polar RC3 GPS

Polar RC3 GPS


Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

Nike SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom reg WM0069 103 A


Of course I am still considering Garmin but I know most everything about their watches from using it and buying a new one for my husband a few months back. I did a lot of research before I made that purchase.

Tell me – What kind of GPS watch do you use? Have you had any experience with Polar or Nike?


4. LuLuLemon Speed Short

I have been eyeing these shorts for quite some time.

We don’t have a LuLuLemon around here, but the couple times we have traveled I have stopped by and stared at them. They were a BIT out of my budget, but I can always add them to my wish list.

Speed Shorts LuLu Lemon


I am usually a spandex running shorts kind of girl, but I these look pretty awesome and I have great things about them!


Now that I have shared some of my running wish list items with you, tell me:

What is on your running wish list for Christmas?

What kind of GPS watch do you use? Have you ever tried Polar or Nike?


I have a giveaway coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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