Happy Thursday! Are you happy that hump day is over? I know I am!

I am so happy that is one day closer to Christmas! I just wish we could make some plans already. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


I started yesterday off when a couple hours of work and then we were off to to the gym.

I took the time to plan out a spin workout, but as I started to get into I realized it wasn’t going to happen. I don’t know about you but sometimes I just have days where I don’t want to think. I don’t want to keep up with a workout I simply just want to do. That is exactly what I did. After I finished my warm up I spent most of the time doing 1 minute on followed by 3 minutes off. It was enough of an interval to keep me focused, but not too much where I had to constantly keep up.

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The first half of my spin workout consisted of the 1 x 3 intervals and ended with a 15 minute cool down.  I got to 99 minutes and noticed that Wes hadn’t finished his run yet. I decided to keep going and take it easy until I saw Wes was finish.

I continued for 20 more minutes and still no sign of my husband. I decided 2 hours was MORE than enough to be on the spin bike and called it a day.

I was pretty exhausted when I finished.

2013 12 18 13 49 33


When we got home Wes said he had a Christmas present he wanted to go ahead and give me.  Wes has always been bad about waiting to give gifts. As soon as a gift comes in he wants to give it to me. Thankfully we tend to give our presents early since we are usually traveling for Christmas.

2013 12 18 15 36 07

Isn’t she beautiful? I have been on the hunt for a new purse for a while, but honestly just stopped looking because it wasn’t really important and in the budget. I am not a girl who changes her purse often, I usually pick a neutral purse so that I can carry it everywhere.


Even though Wes had gotten my Christmas present, we still had not gotten any of our shopping done so we got dressed and heading out to get some things accomplished.

After an evening of shopping I’d say we are about 70% done. I am happy with that because it is better than where we were at! We only have about 3-4 more things to get then I have to get to wrapping!

2013 12 18 19 29 46

We did stop for a little frozen yogurt break during our shopping. I had to refuel of course!

2013 12 18 18 36 01


Okay now I need your help. Since we are on a tight budget for Christmas this year on top of the gifts we are getting I am going to be doing some baking.
I found this recipe today that I am going to be using:

Peanut Butter Cookies with Cranberries and White Chocolate


I need 2-3 more so that I can get a nice variety. I thought I would enlist your help since I am looking for some new ideas this year and don’t want to make my normal recipes.

I have a sweet and simple recipe coming up for you this afternoon! Check back later!


What are you favorite Christmas cookies? (Provide link or recipe please!!)

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