I’m glad you all like a little motivation for your Monday! I hope it helped all of you all to have a great and productive day!

Monday was pretty good around here.

I started the morning with a little greek yogurt:

2013 11 25 08 08 29

My breakfast consisted of: plain greek yogurt, chocolate protein powder, honey, and some frozen berries.

This has been my new favorite breakfast for quite some time now.


I had my first day with the organization I started volunteering with. I spent a little over 2 hours meeting everyone and helping them around their organization.

Everyone was so welcoming and I am hoping to head back to help some next week to volunteering in their food kitchen and eventually help tutor some children after school.

If you on the fence about finding an organization to volunteer with, do it! It will be worth it! I was nervous at first but everyone was so helpful and welcoming.


After I got back it was time for my first running test of the week.

It was FREEZING and I am pretty sure the wind was in my face every single minute of the run.

2013 11 25 12 45 26

I ended with 1.25 miles on all soft grown which was also covered in snow.

2013 11 25 12 46 20

This is my cold but happy face after a successful attempt. There wasn’t any pain which is another awesome sign!


After I finished the run I bundled up and heading to the gym for some weights.

2013 11 25 12 46 55

I know a lot of people hate on Ugg boots, but I promise you if you live one winter up here you will invest in at least one pair and they will be the best thing ever!

I focused on biceps and triceps today and it felt good to lift weights.


Before I left the gym I decided I’d get an easy spin session in.

2013 11 25 14 00 22

I kept it on a really low gear and relaxed and listened to music. I have to say I was really dreading going to the gym, but once I got into it I was feeling so much better!


I had to drop Wes off to study tonight and head over to meet someone I am pet sitting for over the holiday, so since I didn’t have time to make dinner we stopped by Wegmans for a stop at their salad bar.

2013 11 25 17 20 47

It was delicious, green, and just what I needed!


I like to try to plan out my foods, but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

Remember my meal planning attempt last week?

Well after a lot of different things that went on last week I got one meal prepared that was “planned.” Every other night was something quick or we had to grab something on the run.

I am not counting out meal planning completely, but until our lives get a little more normal I don’t think it is really something that is reasonable for me.


Do you volunteer anywhere or have you?

Are you hosting your Thanksgiving this year or traveling somewhere else? It’s going to be a quiet one here with just the husband and I, but we Skype with each of our families.

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