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Our first day of traveling was a success!

We got to Lynchburg, VA late Saturday night and settled into our hotel.

Any hotel that serves free popcorn to their customers is alight by me!

IMG 2504


I took this morning off from working out, and while Wes was out running I went downstairs for a light breakfast.

IMG 2506

Strawberries and coffee are always a great early morning choice! Was it just me or did the daylight savings time change mess with anyone else? I was up and wide awake at 7:00 am, and trust me that does not normally happen!


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post we arrived a day or so early in Virginia to celebrate Wes’ grandmother’s 90th birthday.

IMG 2517

We were excited that it happened to coincide with our traveling and were looking forward to seeing family that we hadn’t seen in over 2 years since our wedding.

IMG 2512

We had a great time visiting and catching up, and spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the town.


One thing we have to be careful about during these two weeks traveling is our diet.  We still want to eat healthy, but we realize that a majority of our meals are going to be out at restaurants.

Last night we started to get a little hungry, but wanted to find somewhere healthier.

We ended up choosing Bob Evans. I know it may not seem like a typical “healthy” option, but we were looking for somewhere with options.

I have found that one of the tricks to eating healthy on the road is to pick the restaurants that have more options. This allows you to get what you want and makes it easier to customize.

My choice tonight was the vegetable omelet.

IMG 2521

A side of fresh fruit and a piece of dry whole wheat toast.

IMG 2522


Eating out and eating healthy can be tricky but I have found by researching and finding restaurants that have lots of options allows you to have the most success.


Finally what you are probably here for, the winner of the ENERGYbits Giveaway!


ENERGYbits Winner


Jessica! (I will be emailing you today to get your information and have your ENERGYbits on the way to you!)


I have another awesome giveaway coming up for you soon – so stay tuned!

What do you make sure to do to eat healthy while traveling?


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