I’ve decided to quit with the workouts at the top of the page, kind of makes it pointless to do a weekly recap doesn’t it?! HA!

You can find my workouts each day on my workout log page.

Today’s workout wasn’t anything out of the normal.

I hopped on the treadmill again this morning for an hour walk, which was really hard.

IMG 2346

I hooked up my iPad and after your suggestions last night on Twitter, decided to watch an episode of Scandal while I was walking. Great show! Thank you for the recommendations!

IMG 2344

I don’t know if it’s because I was still getting over this sickness, I was tired, or a combination of both but I kept reminding myself why I was doing it.

Thankfully the poster I have beside the treadmill really won’t let me forget!

IMG 2347


I spent most of the day working and went to a local coffee shop to really focus for a while.


I have a lot to do between now and when we leave on Friday so I needed to make sure I was focusing.


I was supposed to go to a 5:00 pm spin class. I don’t know if my body just wasn’t feeling it and trying to tell me something or I just didn’t want to do it either way, I didn’t go.

I felt guilty, but I knew I’d gotten my walk in this morning and I have a walk and swim planned for tomorrow.

I am just going to take it as a loss and move along!


I am bringing you something different today. A friend of mine on Facebook posted this poetry reading video the other day:


I watched it and sat here really trying to figure out what to take from it.

I am not a mother, but in the next few years I could see that happening.  I thought about what my daughter would see when she looked at me. What I would be teaching her through my actions towards food.

I don’t talk much about eating or nutrition on my blog because i’m not that great at it honestly.  I focus on what I enjoy and that is running and exercise.

Regardless, I want my daughter to look at me and see a healthy and happy relationship with food. I don’t want her to learn the wrong habits. I want her to enjoy food as much as I do.

My habits sometimes are good and sometimes aren’t, and to be honest I don’t know if I would depict the right habits today if I had a child.  I know it is something I need to work on before I have children.  I want them to see the joys and health that food can bring.

My mother always did a great job with me growing up. Always providing healthy foods and I never once saw her deprive herself, yet she is in great shape.  She always showed me the importance of not only eating but being active and enjoying life.

I know I have work to do, but it is a great realization to sit back and really look at your relationship with food. I’ll be honest and say since my injury it has been all over the place, but I know that regardless of running, exercise, or whatever is going on in my life, my relationship with food needs to be consistent and healthy.

The final part of this video that really got me was the part where she said says “I asked five questions in genetics class today and all of them started with sorry.” Guilty!

My husband always tells me I apologize way too much. I always want to take the guilt, but is that the right thing to do? Where did I learn that from? I don’t want my children to act that way, I want them to be strong and confident in what they know and what they don’t know!

I love when videos open up your eyes to things you didn’t even really think about.

Do you agree that children look up to their parents when it comes to a healthy food relationship?

I think this can apply to daughters and sons.  

Do you have children? If so, tell me how do you help your children build a healthy food relationship?

What did you think of the video?

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