This post almost didn’t happen because I felt horrible last night.  This cold sure hit me hard. I ended up asleep on the couch at 6:00 pm and then laid there for pretty much the rest of the night.

IMG 2311

I am worn out. I hope this crap goes away soon. I am done being sick.

I did fix myself some pretty awesome cider that I found in my pantry. It sure made me so happy that fall is here.

Cider Collage

Yesterday (Saturday) I had a come to Jesus moment with myself. Yes, I talk to myself sometimes just go with it. 

I talk about doing a lot of things. Some of them I do and some I don’t.

I noticed today as I was getting ready to go to the gym to workout, the more that I talked about it the more I was talking myself out of going and bringing many negative thoughts in my head.

I finally stopped, took a deep breath, and said to myself “Quit talking and just do it!”

I went to the gym, had a pretty awesome workout, and it was done.


This goes along with some many things I talk about doing:

Spinning – I really don’t like to spin.  I go on and on about how much I don’t like it.

IMG 2307

Quit talking about it and just do it!


I say at the beginning of every single week how productive I am going to be. I talk about making a schedule, spending at least 2-3 hours a day away from the house getting stuff done. Then I sit at home and only get half my “to do” list done.

Quit talking about it and just do it!


I also go into every week telling myself it’s time to cut out the bad parts of my diet and eat clean!

I will talk about it all day and beat myself up when I fall off course because I’m so focused on trying to do things perfectly.

IMG 2306

Quit talking about it and just do it!

I talk about how much cleaning I have to do each day. How I will NOT let my house get out of control, yet every single week by Friday I may have completed one forth of what I set out to on Monday.


Bobbi posted this earlier last week on Instagram and I loved it! It is perfect and simple to keep up with daily housecleaning.

Quit talking about it and just do it!


The purpose of this is not to be hard on myself. The purpose of this was to realize that talking about doing something doesn’t make it happen. Progress requires action, and if I keep complaining or dwelling on the negative things I will never get where I want to be.

Quit Talking and Just Do It

There is so much to be enjoyed in life, and my motto from here on out is simple: Quit talking about it and JUST DO IT!

Do you ever talk yourself out of things before you’ve even started?

How do you stay focused and motivated throughout the week?

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