First of all, who doesn’t love t-shirts!?

I think I have 4 or 5 drawers full of shirts and probably 2 of those are ones that I have collected from various races or fundraisers over the years.

I have an awesome new website to tell you about today.  I just learned about it recently and if are ever in the position where you are looking to help raise money for a program, this is for you!

We all have seen campaigns even smaller ones where you buy a shirt and part of the profits go to help a certain charity.

The problem with most of these campaigns (especially for the small ones) is that:

1. You risk printing too many shirts

2. You have to guess on the number you will need and what sizes to have made.

3. You risk having too many left over and not effectively raising the money you want.

Teespring is a website that helps to avoid these common issues and help you raise the money your cause deserves.




How it works:

You simply set up a website through Teespring.

You can select graphics, shirt color, shirt quality, and decide on a price. The interface will allow you to choose a price for your shirt and show you how much it will cost to make.  The additional funds over that will be raised for the cause of your choice.

A website URL will be generated for you and people can go on and purchase the shirt. They have the option to either have it shipped to them or save the money on shipping and they can pick it up from you with then campaign ends.

No shirts are products until your fundraising ends, so only the number of shirts and size that are purchased will be made.

You can share through all sources of social media: twitter, Facebook, instagram, etc.

Once your campaign ends the profits from the sell of the shirts are sent directly to you.

Seems easy right?!

Customer T Shirts


Here are some great examples of campaigns that have been created through Teespring:

This couple sold a “Love Makes a Family Shirt” to raise money to adopt.

This campaign raised over $85,000 for the Boston Relief effort.

As the race months get started and as you aim to raise money for your next event, Teespring is a great website to keep in mind to aid you raising money for those in need!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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