My Saturday started off a little different then normal.  I didn’t get up and start taking energy chews, drinking my pre-workout drink, or get my body ready for a long run.

Instead I:

1. Took the dog for a short walk (it’s pouring here!)

IMG 1953

2. Dropped the husband off at the gym to complete his last hard tempo long run before Chicago.

3. Plopped down at Starbucks to get some work done so I didn’t sit at home wishing I was running.

IMG 1954

4. Ordered my favorite Starbucks drink (Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte)

IMG 1955

There are positive and negatives obviously but that’s okay.  I know my body needs this.

I have been looking at different types of cross training to incorporate into my workouts each week, and when I was reading my new issue of Shape Magazine I came across this.

IMG 1957


I’ll be honest every time I have gone into the gym the rowing machine scares me. I think the only reason it does is because this is the only machine I have no idea how to use.

Call it fear of looking like an idiot, but I am pretty sure that is the best way to describe it.

This magazine gives a great workout that really looks like something I want to try PLUS it gives my legs a break. Win!

I think I will be trying this out sometime this week. Hopefully it will help me get over my fear 🙂

This post is all over the place, but one last thing some new songs I’ve been really loving lately:

1. “Gone, Gone, Gone” – Phillip Phillips

2. “Ride” – J. Rand ft. Flo Rida

3. “Give It 2 U” – Robin Thicke

4. “Applause” – Lady Gaga

Disclaimer: Some songs contain graphic language.

Have you ever tried rowing? Thoughts?

What are your favorite forms of cross training?

What are you favorite songs on your iPod right now?

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