Today’s Run – Recovery Run

Total Mileage: 7.00 miles

Total Time: No idea (went without my Garmin!)

Average Pace: No idea (went without my Garmin!)

Happy Friday! 

I had a nice slow recovery run this morning.  My husband surprised me by running most of it with me. Secretly it helps him to break his run up too, but I will NEVER turn down a chance to run with him!

The Chicago Marathon is coming up for him in several weeks  and he has a pretty tough 15 mile pace run tomorrow, so it was important that he take things slow as well.

He got me a guest pass to our gym so I think I am going to use it tomorrow and run my tough long run beside him during his pace run. 

I have noticed a lot of my favorite bloggers doing a Five Things Friday post, so I will jump on board and share with you five things I am loving this Friday! 

1. Garminless Runs

One of the best things about today was that I ran without my Garmin and my music. It has been a long time since I have completely “disconnected.”

This wasn’t completely on purpose, for some reason my Garmin didn’t charge over night and was low on battery this morning.

IMG 1859

That’s right, I left my precious Garmin charging at home.

My husband had his Garmin on during the run so I know we covered a total of 5.4 miles together and then he kept going and I turned off to finish at 7 miles back at our house.

2. Fall is back!

After 2 days of 90 degree weather it was so nice to have fall back! It was in the 50’s today.

IMG 1854

I even broke out my long tights for today’s run.  I could have easily gone without them but I wanted to sweat a bit!

I started with arm sleeves and I still can’t believe I am already breaking them back out.

IMG 1855

I opted for the long sleeve in the end and I was glad I did because the wind was a bit crazy at times.

IMG 1856

3. Muscle Stimulator

My calf has been really giving me problems the past couple days.

I have foam rolled and stretched it but it still seems to be tight and bothersome.

IMG 1858

I attached my husband’s muscle stimulator, that he bought when he had his sacral stress fracture a couple years ago, when I finished my run and I am hoping this will help it to recover a bit better for tomorrow’s run!

I also wore my compression sleeves under my tights to help to compress my calf some during the run. I will probably live in them all night long as well.

IMG 1857

4. Banana Fro-Yo

This awesome girl reminded me of this great treat last night when I was really craving something sweet.

IMG 1849

If you don’t already know I have a serious frozen yogurt addiction, and this is a great way to beat the craving and it still tastes just as delicious!

All you do is add 1 frozen banana, a small amount of almond milk, and a tiny scoop of protein powder into a food processor and blend. It really does taste just like frozen yogurt!

5. RunEmz

If you haven’t heard of this – you have to check it out!

This awesome woman is running 100 miles on a treadmill for 24 hours to raise money for education for children in India.

You can watch her live stream here and you can go and donate to this awesome cause here.

She is such an inspiration!

What is something that is making YOU happy this Friday? 

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