The product I am sharing with you today is something I use EVERY single day.  I take it sometimes before, during, and always after my runs.

ZYM sent me some samples of their Zym sport drink tablets a while back and I have used them almost every single day since. They are a great electrolyte replacement and help to replace what sweat and running take away from your body.

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Company Background

The company was started by Brian whose athletic passions led to his creation of ZYM:

“For years I searched for a hydration product I can take with me during long bike rides.  I would fill up a water bottle at home with a hydration powder, make a mess on my counter, and then get on my bike.  Miles after downing the hydration solution, I would fill up with just water….nothing to replace the electrolytes I lost… I knew a better more portable electrolyte option must exist.  During a European cycling trip, I stopped in a mount village for a quick break.  Thirsty and fatigued, I hoped to fill some sports drink within the town’s local apothecary.  I was instructed by a wise pharmacist to drop a local product in the form of an effervescent tablet into my water bottle – instantly, the idea for ZYM was born.”

I love products that are founded by athletes themselves.  They know what we are looking for and what works for all types of athletes out there.  He got this product SPOT on!

What makes ZYM different?

“Highly-saluted hydration products are not the answer.  The formulas we design for endurance athletes set ZYM apart from other hydration products.  ZYM’s unique blend of electrolytes, B Vitamins, and other components is aha takes it effective against muscle burn and dehydration.  This provides athletes with free legs, natural energy and higher endurance.”

The make up of ZYM makes it stand out from other products on the market today.  It is made for endurance athletes by athletes to help provide sustainable energy and endurance.


Score: 5 out of 5

I have only tried one flavor, Berry.  They also make a Lemon Lime and Orange which each provide their own unique formula.  I have mentioned in one of my previous posts that when it comes to electrolyte drinks I like a light and mild flavor.  I tend to stay away from the sugary sweet drinks because they often mess my stomach up during the run.

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You can tell even from looking at the color of the drink that it is very light.  It has a slight “carbonated” taste too it, but the taste itself is light and just enough to get away from the plain boring taste of water.  I think they nailed the taste 100%.

Here is the nutritional benefit break down for ZYM Sport Drink – Berry Flavor:

Zym   Product Information



Score: 5 out of 5

I have used ZYM before, during, and after runs and for all stages it helps tremendously.  I don’t normally carry water or hydration with me when I am running outside (I know I SHOULD), but when I am on the treadmill for my long hard workouts I always have a bottle of water with ZYM in it to drink.  ZYM gives you just enough energy and pick me up to get you through your workouts, and then helps your body replenish what it has lost.

The flavor is very refreshing when you finish up a hard run, and really helps to get your legs and body recovered throughout the day.

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Mixing Ability

Score: 5 out of 5

ZYM is very easy and quick to use and mix together.

You start out with around 16 ounces of water. Sometimes I will use an actual water bottle or just grab a bottle of water from the grocery store.

IMG 1557

You drop one tablet of ZYM in the water.

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I often have to break my tablet up if I am using a grocery store bottle of water just to get it through the top, but if you are using a normal water bottle it drops in without a problem.

IMG 1560

As soon as you drop the tablet into the water it begins to fizz and dissolve into the water.

IMG 1561

After I drop the tablets into the water I shake the bottle about 5-10 times, but if you let it sit there long enough it will dissolve completely without you having to do this.

It mixes quick, fast, and I have never had a problem with any pieces remaining in the water after I have completed the mixing process.

Overall Reaction:

When it comes to electrolyte sport drink mixes this is one of my favorites. I use it on almost every single run whether it be before, during, or after the run.  There are so many benefits and I love the fact that it was specifically formulate for athletes by athletes.

The flavor is something I haven’t been able to find anywhere else, and has just the right about of flavor without all the added sugars that so many sports drinks out there do. All flavors and colors in ZYM are natural and it’s gluten free!

I recommend ZYM to everyone and recommend making it a part of your daily workout.

If you are interested in purchasing ZYM for yourself, please visit their website here.

Note: ZYM sent me the product to try for free, but all opinions are mine and mine alone.

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