Today’s Workout – Easy Run

Total Mileage: 10.20 miles

Total TIme: 1:35:56

Average Pace: 9:24 min/mile

This morning started off pretty lazy. I did not want to get out of my robe for the first hour or so.

IMG 1613

Today’s run was simple and easy. I didn’t realize how warm it was going to get today until I was a couple miles in so that slowed me down a bit, but thankfully today called for easy running.

IMG 1614

It took everything out of me not to finish out 12 miles to get to 70 for the week. I know I’ve over done my training the past couple weeks, but old habits are hard to break.

IMG 1616

I am focused on figuring out the correct training for my body this coming week. Mileage is tricky and I need to listen to my body and find what makes it perform at it’s best.

It’s Sunday when means it is time for another installment of my weekly training recap.

This week has been a little bit all over the place and has been a little rocky, but overall it was successful.

Monday – Interval Workout

2 mile easy, 1 mile at marathon pace – repeat 4x with a 1 mile cool down. This averaged out to 13 miles and was kind of a random made up semi-speed workout since I had just come off the 10k last Sunday.

Tuesday – Rest

Due to bad hip pain I was forced to take this day as a rest day even though I really didn’t want to.

Wednesday – Progressive Tempo Run

0.5 mile warm up, 10 miles total: 6 miles easy, 4 miles progressive tempo (9:00-8:27 min/mile), and 0.5 mile cool down for a total of 11 miles.

Thursday – Easy Run

11 mile easy run averaging a 9:17 min/mile.

Friday – Easy Run

7 mile slow easy run averaging a 9:11 min/mile.

Saturday – Long Run

15 miles on the treadmill averaging a 9:08 min/mile followed by a 1 mile cool down at a 10:00 min/mile.

Sunday – Easy Run

10.2 miles outside easy.

Total Mileage – 68 Miles

Running week

This weeks joy/successes:

1. Pushing through.  This week was mentally tough for me. I was dealing with some sort of hip issue, I had to take an unplanned rest day, and I was just frustrated in general. Above all of that I pushed through an didn’t give up and for that I am proud!

IMG 1619

2. Taking it easy. Instead of pushing hard like I have been the past 2 weeks I backed off a little bit this week and I think my body needed it. I listened to my body instead of trying to push it too far.

This weeks struggles:

1. Mileage.  I am really struggling with cutting back my mileage. My husband warned me I was doing too much too fast but I guess I just didn’t want to listen. I have had to FORCE myself to stop running many days and that has been really hard for me to wrap my mind around.

2. My darn hip. I have good days and I have bad days but this week my hip just wanted to act up a little too much in the beginning and instead of listening to my body I was forced into taking a rest day.  I was mad, upset, frustrated, and all around a mess.

What was your Sunday workout? Any great weekly accomplishments?

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