Today’s Workout – 10k Race and Easy Run

Total Mileage: 12.35 miles

Total Time: 10K (47:45) and 6 mile easy run (56:59)

Average Pace: 10k (7:42 min/mile) and Easy Run (9:26 min/mile)

I will apologize in advance for how long this post may end up being, I have a lot to recap today!

What a fun morning! I raced my first 10k race and even though it was painful I loved every minute of it!

We woke up at 5:30 and went and picked up my friend to head down to the race start.  Wes had to register this morning so we wanted to make sure we had PLENTY of time and weren’t rushing.  We ended up having a little too much time, but that was okay.

I haven’t mentioned it yet on the blog, but my goal for the 10k was to beat 48 minutes.  This was a stretch goal and my second goal would have been to beat 50 minutes.

The final results…….47:45!!!! That is an average pace of 7:42 and I placed 1st in my age group! Yep, I would say I am pretty happy about that.  I also ran the race with 74 miles already on my legs for the week.  I have to say it is amazing what proper recovery and hard work can get you!

IMG 1485

I started prepping last night by making sure I got in plenty of fluids since I had run 15 earlier that day.

IMG 1473

Thankfully we took it easy last night so I was able to keep water with me pretty much all night.

IMG 1480

Wes and I after the race.  Not the most flattering picture but it is so rare we get running pictures together.

IMG 1477

My friend and I afterwards.  This was her first 10k and her first race ever! She did GREAT!

Running a 5k or 10k is a whole different ball game than a marathon. I loved the experience and it was a really great workout for me! I am proud of my time and it has really motivated me to keep improving!

Alright moving on now – time to recap another week of training:

Monday Tempo Run

0.5 mile warm up, 5 miles easy running (9:30 pace), 4 miles at 1/2 marathon pace (7:47 pace), and 4.5 mile cool down. I ran  a total of 14 miles.

Tuesday – Easy Run

11 miles outside at a 9:21 min pace and then 2 extra miles later at a 10:00 min pace on the treadmill for a total of 13.

Wednesday Speed Workout

0.5 mile warm up, 1 x 3 mile (8:00 pace), 5 minutes job, 2 x 2 mile (7:47 pace), 2 minutes jog in between, 6 x 10 sec hill sprints (6:50 pace at 6% incline) and cool down for a total of 13 miles.

Thursday – Easy Run

11.05 miles on the treadmill at a 9:40 pace.

Friday – Easy Run

7 miles outside at an average of a 9:24 pace.

Saturday – Long Run

14.5 miles at a 9:25 pace and then a 0.5 mile cool down at a 9:55 pace. Total of 15 miles.

Sunday – 10k Race and Easy Run

6.2 miles (10k race) in 47:45 and then 6 more easy miles afterwards for a total of 12 miles.

Total Mileage – 86 miles

Weekly Running

 This weeks joys/successes:

1. Another mileage PR! I don’t know how much longer I can truly keep my mileage continuing to go up, but for now I am very happy that my body is adapting and doing as well as it is.

2. 10k time and placement.  I’ve already discussed this above, but I am so happy that my hard work is starting to pay off!

This weeks struggles:

1. Hip pain. I continue to suffer with some hip pain that just won’t seem to completely go away.  As the week progressed it did get better, but I have some more TLC to give it before it is 100% again.

2. Hard workouts.  I had one of the worst workouts in a while on Wednesday and a tough long run as well this week. I know that even though they were both a struggle, I truly think they are making me a better and stronger runner.  I haven’t given up and I continue to push my body!

What is your biggest accomplishment this week?

Anyone else run a race today? How’d you do!?

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