Today’s Workout – Long Run

Total Mileage: 15.05 miles

Total TIme: 2:21:50

Average Pace: 9:26 min/pace

The goal of today’s long run was to take it slow and easy.  I normally do try to pick up the pace some on my long runs, but since I have a 10k tomorrow and I want to be able to try to do my best I wanted to make sure I had something left in my legs at the end of the run.

My husband mapped me out a new course last night.  He took the car and basically parked it 14 miles away.  I ran to the car and then headed off to go and pick him up about 5-10 minutes away.  I was surprised it actually worked out as easily as it did.

I for some reason was in a purple mood and decided to rock the purple today 🙂


Of course it wouldn’t be complete without the purple compression socks and purple iPod shuffle. I seriously didn’t even realize I owned this many purple things until this morning.

IMG 1460

I also tried out a new hat today by Headsweats.  I usually am a headband type girl, but on the occasion I like to throw on a hat and not really worry about getting my hair situated in the morning.

IMG 1463

I learned a valuable lesson today too, don’t wear a white hate when you have dyed your hair the day before.

IMG 1470

Whoops! I think I should be able to wash most of it out. I sure hope so because I really did like the hat! It was light weight, very breathable, and much better than the other hats I own.

The run was sub-par. There was nothing really special to report about it but nothing horrible either.  There were several hills that really slowed down my pace. Even though I had told myself to take this one slow I was hoping to finish a little quicker than I did.

I am just going to choke this up as a sub-par day. I felt like my body just wasn’t really into it most of the time.

IMG 1467

I did a total of 14.50 and then added another 0.5 when I got to where I was picking Wes up from just to keep the legs moving, and lets be honest I just wanted to get to 15 for the day.

IMG 1468

The cool down was very slow, but that was exactly what I was going for. Sometimes I can be a slave to my Garmin, and no matter how hard I try to break it I always push for that “little bit more” when I am close to a certain mile number.

IMG 1469

I was all smiles before the run, but this was more how I was feeling afterwards. I was/am tired and just want to shower and relax for the rest of the day.

The goal for today is to recover the best I can.  I have a 10k at 8:00 am so I will be up early to probably get a warm up in before hand and to pick up my stuff. I’ll be back tomorrow to report the results!

Any races on the schedule for the weekend? 

Do you find yourself to be a “slave” to your Garmin?

Also, as I promised I have a new giveaway and product review coming up on Monday – so make sure to check back!

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