Today’s Workout – Easy Run

Total Miles: 11.02 miles

Total Time: 1:42:22

Average Pace: 9:17 min/mile

Today was my first run back outside since my hip was acting up. It went pretty well. It has gotten hot again here so it was a little warm, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

IMG 1563

There wasn’t much to report about the run, I just took it slow and easy and let my body dictate the pace.  There were a couple times I made myself slow down a bit just to be on the safe side.  There is still a little ache in my hip but I am working on it!

IMG 1554

Sorry for the blurry picture I was tired!

Today I thought I would share with you my nightly routine.  I have a set routine I follow every night before bed to keep my body functioning and recovering properly.

1. Drink 1 16 oz bottle of water before bed. I am drinking water throughout the day, but I make a point to drink one entire bottle of water about an hour before bed time. This I believe helps my body to recover and helps to de-bloat my body a bit.

IMG 1544

2. Take an iron and horsetail. These are my pre-bed vitamins. I always take an iron supplement and and a horsetail which again helps with bloating.

IMG 1565

3. Stretch and foam roll. I perform about 5-10 minutes of light stretching before bed. I try not to stretch anything too hard so that I don’t irritate a muscle, but this 

IMG 1548

IMG 1549

4. Plan out the next day. My husband hates to plan but I like to come up with some sort of idea of what I am going to run the night before. That way when I wake up the morning I have an idea of how quickly I need to get started.

It’s a simple routine, but I have noticed when I don’t follow this each nice I can tell a difference.

I found a couple new songs to add my iPod for running:

1. Avril Lavigne “Rock and Roll”

2. J Dash “Wop”

3. Pepper “F**k Around” (explicit)

I always like to continue to add new songs to switch it up. New music always helps me run faster!

What are you some of your current favorite songs to run to?

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