Today’s Workout – Semi-Tempo Run

Total Mileage: 13.10 miles

Total Time: 2:00:00

Average Pace: 9:09 min/pace

Today for the first time in several weeks I did not want to run. Nope not one bit. I wanted to sit and not do anything.  I don’t know if it was the fact that I was just tired from yesterday or what but I just sat here and fought with myself for a couple of hours before anything happened.

I had two ideas in my head of what I wanted to do.

1. Stay home and use the home treadmill for some kind of mild speed/tempo workout.

2. Run to the gym (5.5 miles), do a small speed workout, and then run back home.

Each had their pros and cons, but option 1 ended up winning because honestly I didn’t want to think much.

I quickly came up with a simple workout that would incorporate some speed and would make the monotony of the treadmill not quite as bad.

Boredom Buster Workout

The workout went pretty well. I wanted to keep a little speed work in it but didn’t want to over do it because yesterday my 10k also worked as a tempo workout so I knew my legs would be a little tired.  I wanted top stop 2 miles in and highly considered it, but thankfully I kept going and my body slowly got into it.

IMG 1497

I was quite the sweaty mess afterwards, but I really think I needed it today.

IMG 1499

This is an attempt to show you how sweaty I was, but I am not quite sure it shows it well enough.

IMG 1500

I thought I’d share with you my home treadmill. We have it set up in our “study/work” room.

The treadmill is a Sole F80 and was a present from my in-laws last year when Wes finished his boards for medical school.  The main purpose for getting a treadmill at home was to help with early morning workouts, especially during the cold winter months in Erie.

IMG 1494

I really do love our treadmill, and if you have any questions about purchasing a treadmill for your home let me know because we did quite a lot of research before deciding on the F80.

I end up using the treadmill more often then my husband, but it definitely is a bit harder running on it. You don’t have anyone pushing you and you are completely by yourself.  Sometimes I go to the gym just to make sure I don’t chicken out of my workout, but recently I have had some pretty good workouts on the treadmill.

Along with the treadmill we have quite the assortment of foam rollers, workout balls, and random other recovery related items.

IMG 1495

We also have some weights, which I will be completely honest haven’t been used in a couple months. 

IMG 1496

That is our at home workout area for you. It’s not a lot, and most of the time we still hit up the gym (though I am canceling my membership at the end of this month) but it is nice to have the option to workout at home.

Do you have any workout items at home? Do you belong to a gym?

Check back tonight for a new product review and GIVEAWAY! I promised you it was coming!

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