Today’s Workout – Easy Run

Total Mileage: 10.10 miles

Total Time: 1:37:17

Average Pace: 9:38 min/pace

IMG 1274

I was a little nervous about this run.  I mentioned in yesterday’s post I am trying to take advantage of this “off” time and work on getting into higher mileage.   My husband has made me PROMISE that I would take my easy runs EASY and not push myself too hard. The last thing I want is to deal with is an injury.

I wasn’t feeling too positive going into this run because my legs were TIRED.

I started the first mile crazy slow and worked my way into it. Around miles 4-5 my legs kicked in and I was able to cruise pretty much the rest of the way.  The tiredness in my legs came back around mile 9, but I was close enough so I finished it out.

IMG 1278

The weather was beautiful and I was able to get the run in before the heat picked up.

IMG 1270

I stopped a couple times to stretch and take a few pictures of the scenery.

IMG 1271

There are a few keys to picking up your mileage. My husband is a VERY high mileage runner (averaging 120+ miles per week).  I will never be at his level but I wanted to give my hand at upping my mileage.

The biggest tips and advice he has given and I have learned are:

1. Take care of yourself. You have to be diligent about stretching, rolling, and keeping your legs and body well taken are of.  This is always important but when you are running more miles it is much easier to get injured.

2. Stay hydrated. Hydration is a big key to proper recovery.  While it is important to get the calories you need in as well, one of the biggest things that helps me recovery is hydration. You need to constantly (or at least consistently) be drinking fluids and make sure that some of those fluids contain electrolytes.

3. Take the easy runs SLOW. Like I mentioned earlier my husband made me PROMISE that I would take my slow easy days SLOW.  One of the common mistakes many runners make is they go hard on every run. This is not necessary. If you are working on speed 2-3 days of speed work is more than enough, most of the other miles should be easy and not stressful to the body.

What do you do to make sure you recover properly between runs?

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