Today’s Workout – Easy Run

Total Mileage: 7.05 miles

Total Time: 1:04:45

Average Pace: 9:11 min/mile

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Happy Friday! Ever since I lost my job Fridays just haven’t felt quite the same, but I am still thankful the weekend is finally upon us!

Another great thing I look forward to on Fridays are my shorter easy runs. I use Friday runs simply as a way to shake out my legs and really get them ready for my weekend runs.  I don’t have any time goals or distance goals – I simply go run. I think when we are training these runs are even more enjoyable because for once we don’t have a set workout in place.

IMG 1575

I ran 7 miles and just let my body decide what pace it felt like doing.  I slowed myself down a couple times just to save my legs a bit, but overall the run went well. My hip ached a bit in the beginning but cleared up quickly.

IMG 1577

I think the key to my hip is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure I warm up before I start running.  This means each time I run I need to make sure to do my dynamic stretches.  I have just started doing these the past 2 weeks and I can’t tell you how much of a difference they make in my running.

Dynamic Stretching Routine

Here are some videos my husband took of me doing 3 of the 5 stretches mentioned above: (please excuse the post-run attire and hair mess I have going on)

1. Side Leg Swings

2. Front Leg Swings

3. Side Lunges

Hope these help! I always try to make sure to do these before my run and they REALLY help me warm my muscles up and avoid tightness and pain.

What are some of your favorite pre-run rituals?

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